BITTEREINDER – What an epic band!! Release of [VIDEO] for KULKUNS


One of our standout musicians of 2013 are the guys who make up BITTEREINDER, the Electro Afrikaans Rap group who are bringing some serious entertainment into the entertainment business. They are one of the best LIVE acts we saw this year, four times actually, whether in a small venue or on the Wesley’s Dome at Opikoppi, they are awesome! But besides their energy, party in your face music, they have the skills to slow it all down and show off their musical talents, which is evidence in their latest song, KULKUNS, featuring Chris Chameleon. We caught up with Jaco, Louis and Peach where we chatted about their year as a whole, take a look at what they had to say:


  • · So for the those people that live under a rock, or should i say, only know commercial crap…please give them a background on Bittereinder, one of the hottest bands in SA, in our opinion hehe..

Bittereinder grew up in the 90’s in Pretoria. That’s such a loaded sentence already. Jaco, Louis and Peach have been making art and music since they were toddlers. We were Anglicized, but we fought back. Now we make Afrikaans electro rap with delicious visuals.

  • Its been a massive year for you guys, locally and internationally, what have been some of the highlights of 2013?

In retrospect 2013 has been amazing. Definitely our most “international” year thus far, we played lovely festivals in the Netherlands, Mozambique, Namibia and South Africa this year. Our 2nd album was nominated for a 2013 SAMA, we were the host band of the 2013 MK Awards, we performed at the 2013 Pendoring Awards, we did a colab with The Soil for “Jam Sandwich”, we did a colab with The Plastics and Jon Savage for 5FM’s Mashlab (here’s that song THE FLESH PRINCE on iTunes:

In 2013 we also released videos for DIE DINKDANSMASJIEN:


and KULKUNS (find below). The highlight of the year has to be our 2013 Oppikoppi set though. We were fresh from a tour of the Netherlands with Jack Parow and Van Coke Kartel, so we were relatively tight, Louis had grafted and mastered his visual set, we’d reworked some of our material, and then Oppikoppi blessed us with a massive slot on the biggest stage. It was just a culmination of a bunch of things coming together at exactly the right time…think it’s gonna be a while before we top that gig.

  • Besides your great success this year as a band, you guys also did some amazing thing individually, like Yesterday’s Pupil and MINNAAR releasing Ep’s and you Jaco, singing with the legendary Koos Kombuis…tell us, individually, how 2013 has been for you outside Bittereinder?

Bittereinder has been around since January 2009. It takes us 2 years, on average, to release an album. All three of us have full-time day-jobs, Peach is a musician and producer running a studio and numerous projects, Louis is a visual artist and producer spearheading his own company, Jaco is a high school English teacher. Sometimes, for months on end, we only see each other at Bittereinder shows. It gets pretty crazy, but that’s what’s made Bittereinder so much fun, it’s our escape pod from all the other stuff.

Links to our other musical projects:

-MiNNAAR has 2 free EP’s available at
-Jaco’s Afrikaans folk band DIE BEGIN has a free EP at
-Jaco also started a spoken word project with Toast Coetzer and HemelBesem in 2013 called WALKIE TALKIE. The first track is free at

  • For whoever hasn’t heard of you guys before, describe your sound in 5 words?

It really sounds kwaad naas.


  • What bands inspire your sound, local and international?

Between the 3 of us there’s such a vast field of sources we harvest from regularly. Areas that overlap enough to be considered inspiration for Bittereinder’s sound would probably include artists like Nine Inch Nails, Thom Yorke & Radiohead, Sufjan Stevens, Jurassic 5, Lark, Jacob Israel, Tumi. But that’s just the middle ground.

  • Whats the background of your name?

Long story made short: Afrikaans gets the upper-hand over English in our creative lives, plus it means die-hard, which is cool, plus we hope our music can be part of the dialogue which ends the horrible bitterness festering in large parts of South African society.

  • You guys have an awesome Live show, how much fun are you guys having up there?

Immeasurable amounts.

  • What track is your favorite to perform live?

It changes. New stuff is always fun.

  • South Africa has so many amazing new bands blowing up. Who are your favorite bands to play alongside?

The Buckfever Underground, Desmond & the Tutus, HemelBesem, Tumi, Yesterday’s Pupil.

  • How was the experience of doing the 5FM MashLab with Jon Savage and The Plastics?

Very cool. Everyone was super pro and did their parts well, the song came together over the process of a couple of golden studio hours and thousands of e-mails.

  • Is there anything ELSE that you are working on that we might be interested in?

We’ve started working on the third album…


  • Where can people follow you?

twitter: @Bittereinder7    Jaco: @ajaxrap   Peach: @YesterdaysPupil    Louis: @louis_minnaar

youtube channel:

  • Lastly, if you could open for any band in the world, current or past, who would that be for? 

Wow. Maybe Sigur Ros. Or Blindside. Or Radiohead. Or Black Star.

  • Oh wait one last question….how did you guys get your faces on some locally brewed beer that i came across on Facebook?

Art student design project. It’s happened more than once now actually. The beer’s not real, disappointingly…


KULKUNS – Bittereinder Feat. Chris Chameleon

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