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Bellas Beat, Mixed Apples Contributor

Music… and People

The one without the other is pretty much pointless, isn’t it?

I am all about music and people, but mostly music to be totally honest. I love to get behind the scenes when it comes to music or rather shall we say in the studio? My aim is to uncover all those little gems of secrets and ideas that go into the music that we love and in most cases that change our lives.

I grew up dependent on music and still am in so many ways, just writing this I need to be listening to something that is going to inspire me to say what I need to say.

I fell in love with house music just a few years ago in fact and my knowledge and experiences have been so immense thus far, I would not change anything. I want to expand my musical experience in so many ways and this being one of them, being able to interact with people and showcase all the incredible talent out there.

Mixed Apples is offering me a platform to bring you everything worth knowing about music and the music business and I can not wait to start sharing, from reviews to interviews to sometimes just my personal opinion on many topics, expect anything and everything musically possible!

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