Bella’s Beat: Interviewing THOSE BOYS – Duo from the Do It Now Recordings label

Bella's Beat: Interviewing THOSE BOYS - Duo from the Do It Now Recordings label

We get to know Those Boys in a brief interview as we anticipate the release of their debut album ‘Back to life’ presented by Do It Now Recordings.

Those Boys are what they describe as a Soulful House Band that incorporate live elements as well as a blend of digital music with the use of a live Dj. A very new and exciting form of music and extremely unique in every aspect, Those Boys consist of two incredibly talented young men.

Lesley Theko from Sebokeng in the Vaal ‘on the keys’ as some may say, Lesley started playing the keyboard at his church where he gained his experience and was able to learn and perfect his art. His first gig so to speak was at the Civic Theatre where he played at a gospel show that was taking place. After exposing the music industry to his amazing talent he went on to work alongside the likes of Bucie, Mi Casa, Liniwa Maxolo and William Sejake just to name a few. Looking to Robert Glasper and The Roots as his inspiration, Lesley is very keen on learning more about music and his own capabilities while making soulful and heart-warming music in the process with Those Boys.

Sthe Kekana originally from Ennerdale but now residing in Evaton West in the Vaal is the Dj who brings it all together. A music collector from a very young age he was destined for the music industry. Learning to make important sacrifices in his life very early, he sold his computer in order to buy turntables to pursue his passion. Remarkably his first gig came while he was in Grade. 8 when he was asked to Dj at his school’s matric farewell function. Since then he has played alongside the likes of 2lani the warrior, Dj Cuebur, Dj Shimza, Clive Bean, Roger Goode and Black Coffee. His musical inspiration comes from Djs such as Louie Vega, Atjazz and Tokollo. He hopes to reach his goals through Those Boys and share his passion as well as his undeniable talent.

Those Boys each met through mutual friends but somehow something brought these two individuals together musically, something that after hearing their music need not be explained. Their music will undoubtedly inspire and change the lives of those who dare to listen. They are not only talented but they are an example of how the passion of two individual artists can have one voice, one voice so brilliant that they don’t need to be anything other than… just as they so freely put it… Those Boys!

Bella's Beat: Interviewing THOSE BOYS - Duo from the Do It Now Recordings label

Those Boys Questions:

Who are the guys behind Those boys? Introduce yourselves to us?

Those Boys consists of 2 members George Lesley and The Stherable one both from the city of Vaal in the south of Johannesburg

Where and when did Those boys start?

The movement started 10 years ago mainly as a Dj crew which later in 2012 was reformed as a music production crew to what it is today.

You are currently signed to Do it now recordings, tell us how this came about? How did it all start?

Yes we are signed to Do It Now Recordings, we just got tired of having a lot of our own music that we felt just had be heard by the people so we decided to send the lovely Nicky B from Kaya FM our music because at that time she used to play a lot of unknown soulful house on the 1st hour of her radio show. So what we did was we sent her the music and a mail telling her about how much we needed exposure as a soulful house duo, so she decided to forward our music to Do It Now Recordings executives then the rest was history

Your debut album comes out on the 25th of this month, tell us what can we expect from this album?

All we can say is that people can expect a lot of soul and a piece of us in a way, we try to share as much of ourselves in our music as we can.

What would you say your sound is? Soulful/Jazz?

Both because our music consists of both genres but the main sound is definitely soul.

Bella's Beat: Interviewing THOSE BOYS - Duo from the Do It Now Recordings labelWhat makes you different to any other group out there at the moment?

I think its the way we approach composing the music itself reason being that we don’t focus mainly on the digital side of creating music, we try by all means to keep it analogue as much as possible because that’s what most soulful producers in S.A are failing to do at the moment.

What has your musical journey been like thus far? And what would you still like to achieve?

Its been so amazing and humbling, at times it seems so unreal because to be honest with you, we didn’t think people would welcome our sound as well as they did. So it would be an awesome experience to create more songs that would change and uplift peoples lives.

Are you working on anything else besides the promoting of your album?

Yes, we run music production and Dj classes for under privileged teenagers in our community just to help them stay away from drugs and crime because we believe that music can help keep their minds in a positive state. We also produce a few gospel albums for some well known artists we don’t want to go into detail at this time due to contract agreements.

What do you think of the music scene in South Africa, how would you describe it?

The music scene in South Africa has grown a lot since the kwaito and vinyl days, I mean back in the day it was a huge mission just to do simple drum programming because we had no access to computers and music software but with the help of cutting edge technology, kids as young as 10 years old are making beats on their computers in their bedrooms. So this helps the growth of our music industry in a way because not everyone can afford to work in a professional studio like most good producers do. We produced our album at Stherable’s lounge and it came out as good as albums produced in expensive studios. We support the growth of the industry no matter what because this is our industry and we belong to it and our passion is centered around it.

Where do you get your inspiration from and what drives you?

We get our inspiration from the lives we brought to this earth (our kids) and life in general, not forgetting many great songs that we listen to everyday. And all the great producers that are out there.

What are your goals for the future in music?

Just to create more good music and also working with some of the industries greats not forgetting to have fun and live life in the process. We live our dream everyday and all we want is to grow and better ourselves in every way.

Bella's Beat: Interviewing THOSE BOYS - Duo from the Do It Now Recordings label

Well there you have it, if you would like to get in touch with Those Boys check them out at: 

Twitter: @Thoseboys_SA
Facebook: Do it now recordings

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