Rockers out of San Diego, LATEX GRENADE, will be hitting South African shores this week for their second visit and tour to the country. They first toured South Africa in 2018 when they supported the Springbok Nude Girls on their Beautiful Evolution Tour. This time round they will be performing with Johannesburg based rock band, Oooth.

“Last time we visited South Africa, we thought it was a beautiful country, and found it to be culturally similar to San Diego in many ways. South Africans are awesome; they rock hard and always support the bands through buying their music and merchandise. That is a great thing to see as the support out in California is lacking in comparison.’ – Geoff Davis, Guitar & Vocals.

LATEX GRENADE has released four studio albums to their name and is a band that brings great passion and energy to the stage. Attracting the adrenaline seekers in action sports, this power trio inspires the listener through fast upbeat melodies and highly energetic vocals. Their latest album, The Cage, tackles very topical concepts of the day, speaking out to what the band believes in with a bold message.

Upon the release of their album, FDR Part 1 in 2013, LATEX GRENADE took off on their first national tour, playing at SXSW Austin and headlining at the Winter Snow Show with FM94/9 at Bear Mountain. Since then, the band has embarked upon 3 national tours having played in over 27 states nationwide and 2 international tours. San Diego Citybeat says, “Latex Grenade’s music is straight forward Pennywise-style punk melodies roughed up with some thrash metal riffs”.

“We found South Africa to be highly receptive to our music, and we met such great people along the way and made friends for life. We can’t wait to rock out with our fellow South Africans! Every show on the last your was an incredible time, or shall we say it was LEKKER!”


  • Firstly – welcome to South Africa gents! You arrived last week, what have you been up to since then?

We flew into Joburg and have been having a “fat jol” as you would say! we have played 5 or 6 shows now and also had the pleasure to surf JBay. That is always an epic time!

  • This is your second tour to South Africa; last year you toured with one of SA’s oldest rock bands Springbok Nude Girls, this time with Oooth. How did your first tour come about and what inspired you to visit SA again?

Our first tour came about with meeting our new friend for life, Theo Crous. He mixed FDR Part 2 and we wanted to have him record The Cage because we liked his work so much. We all hit it off so well, The Nude Girls invited us to support them for their Beautiful Evolution Tour. Honestly, the timing was just perfect more than anything. 

We found that there is a pretty loyal rock culture in this country and it was refreshing to see how people would even come to multiple shows on the tour out here. The South Africans are very much into music and they engage with our brand at a higher rate! Per capita album sales and T-shirt sales are far greater here than in the states.

  • What is the music scene with regards to rock music like in San Diego, compared to what you have experienced in South Africa?

Southern California is in a tough spot for hard rock right now with the rise of electronic and Indie music. Secondly, it is very easy to overplay in our hometown.  In South Africa, we are still seeing that there is a nice scene for hard rock. Fans have more energy at the shows and it feels there is a little more enthusiasm.

  • You have four studio albums to your name, with your last / latest offering produced by none other than the legendary Theo Crous. What was the experience like working with him and what did he bring to the table in your opinion with regards to your music? 

We had an incredible experience working with Theo. He is also a pretty funny dude, so we were pretty much just talking shit the whole time. I think Theo is very good at bringing out the artist’s best performance on each take. When recording, it is very easy to get stuck on something, especially when you in the studio for 10 hours a day. He was really good at getting us past those obstacles.

  • The album, The Cage, contains topical concepts and bold messages. What difference do you want to make through your music when it comes to today’s issues?

An the end of the day,  the past several years in the states, we have been pulled apart culturally and divided. We want people to come together and love each other again. Life is too beautiful for the level of hate that is going on.

  • And lastly – besides performing, what are you planning to do while in sunny South Africa?

This time around we scored Jbay with some solid surf. That was incredibly special. But next up, we are definitely going to Kruger National Park. We are very excited about it.

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SA Show Dates

Friday, 18 October 2019
Venue: Gandalfs, Woodstock
Time: 8PM
Entrance: R60
With: The Toast & Guests

Saturday, 19 October 2019
Venue: Brass Bell, Kalk Bay, Cape Town
Time: 8PM
Entrance: R50

Friday, 25 October
Venue: Mercury, Cape Tow
Time: 8PM
Entrance: R80 Pre-Sold, R100 Door
With: Springbok Nude Girls, Retro Dizzy & Julia Robert

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