[Album Review] Shortstraw – Youthless


One of our favorite bands, Shortstraw, decided not too long ago that they would be kind enough to offer the public another album of awesomeness and boy-oh-boy do these boys know what they are doing. After the unbelievable success of their debut album “Good Morning Sunshine”  and the less publicized “You’re Underfed, I’m Wonderful” we couldn’t wait for their next offering. After Listening to the album a few times I thought I would share my thoughts on the album – “Youthless”

We have all come to know and love Shortstraw for their youthful and energetic music, that is exactly how we like to describe them while straying away from the more common “Indie Rock” title. Their fun and quirky way of getting your feet moving has definitely been refined and one would find that the sound has somewhat matured in their latest offering – (Maybe this deciphers the album title for you?? ). While still staying true their identity, there is no doubt in anyone’s mind that this is Party Music, which tells stories of the good times but reminds us of the realities we all face on a daily basis.

If you love Shortstraw, you will love this album, it is a well put together musical journey from track 1 all the way through to a calmer track 15 (Good Winter), with only a minor pothole between track 11 and 13. For me, “High School” is not one of the best tracks they have done but I guess it speaks to their diversity and creativity, this is just my personal opinion, but who knows – Music has a way of growing on you..

Overall, Shortstraw has done a great job with this album, I love it, you should love it too!


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