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Jimmy Nevis - Tha Masses - Album review by Bella's BeatI sat down three days ago to write this review, I then said to myself perhaps I need an extra day to have a listen to this album. Before I knew it three days in I had not written a thing, I found myself lost in this remarkable album. The lyrics take you to a place where you want to reevaluate your entire life and whilst doing that you also want to initiate world peace efforts. As crazy as that sounds it is in its own right the most amazing experience. It is not often you listen to an album that takes you on a journey without you having to even move a muscle.

Born and bred in the mother city Jimmy Nevis is a true South African treasure. If his music doesn’t make you feel proudly South African then I don’t know what will. Coming from as he puts it ‘a very spiritual and musical home’ played a big part in him as a person and his musical talents I would imagine. Having started out singing in church like many great artists out there must have been inspiring. As the story goes things didn’t go exactly as he planned but through his perseverance and of course his passion for music, he found his way into the music scene and into the hearts of many.

His voice is one that stands out so well that certain songs sound like they were created for the person you were twenty years ago while others speak directly to the person you are today. I listen to all types of music and once in a while you find an album that has it all, the music… The lyrics… And most importantly… The voice. This is one of those albums.

Take a look at the interview we did recently with Jimmy Nevis:

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