[album review] BEATENBERG – The Hanging Gardens Of Beatenberg has to be one of the best albums of 2014!!

Beatenberg - The hanging gardens ofSouth Africa has a local music industry that is rich with talent, with new artists or bands popping onto the scene each and every year. 2014 was no different, seeing so many talented musicians leaving their mark on the industry, some for a short time with a song that lasts forever in our memory but offering nothing more regarding a banger full length album or EP, others offering a full length debut album that totally blew us away. THE HANGING GARDENS OF BEATENBERG definitely falls in the latter category!!

BEATENBERG is a 3-piece indie-pop band from Cape Town, who slotted in seamlessly into the hearts and minds of all South Africans with their very African sounding melodies and sing along lyrics (we all love to sing aloud in our cars while stuck in hours of hustle & bustle traffic). The first single that they brought out was a story of a “fictional” character called Chelsea Blakemore, which could be any girl (or guy) in your life that has full control of your heart but prefers to play with it instead of being real with you. This is something that we all have experienced in our lives, leaving us enjoying the “game” and being the Chelsea Blakemore in someone else’s life or being strong enough to say, “My head is in the way of my heart” and not allowing them to play with your hearts. Even though the message is strong and somewhat emotional, the song has such a happy, sing along feeling to it that is reach the top of most charts all over SA. What an excellent way to announce yourself onto the scene.

BEATENBERG interview with Mixed Apples, Park Acoustics

Then it was time for them to drop their follow up single, where we get to see if they are more than a one-hit band and we were not disappointed!! The follow up single was a musical collaboration with an unlikely source, DJ Clock, which got us dancing uncontrollably with the biggest smile on our faces. They didn’t stop there, with the following single Rafael being one of the best songs of the year and another reason to take these guys seriously. Then the album drops and it has even more bangers throughout the entire album, with “Southern Suburbs”, “Beauty Like a Tightened Bow”, “Echoes” and “All About Me” being some of our other favourites on the album.

Overall, this album really impressed us and made us smile and dance to every single song. With a debut album with so many beautiful tracks, it’s going to be quite a task to top this when they head back into the studio. In the meantime you can catch them playing all over South Africa, getting to see why they have been mentioned by some many of the artists we have recently interviewed, like Shortstraw, Bittereinder and even Jack Parow, as their favourite new act of the year. Now go out and get yourself a copy of THE HANGING GARDENS OF BEATENBERG or get it as a gift for someone else, they/you wont be disappointed!!

GET THE ALBUM HERE: https://itunes.apple.com/za/artist/beatenberg/id669294254

CONTACT BEATENBERG HERE: http://beatenberg.net

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