In a nutshell, Mixed Apples is #WordOnTheStreet.. We are a blog based media platform for aspiring and talented individuals, where all the content is solely focussed on getting to know more about each athlete, musician, artist or even events. We love telling people’s stories!

With one common mind-set the three of us work like a well-oiled machine to see the culture and talent come back to the concrete jungle we live in. The team is made up of Nelson Mendes, who is the mastermind behind the concept of the blog and also possesses some networking superpowers around town. Grant Reston, co-founder of the concept and the team geek, keeping all the necessary parts running. Crazy Jay Koegelenberg, our self-proclaimed “social butterfly” and also an online radio show host where he wields his sharp tongue of madness.

MixedApples invites you to make contact if you wish to be showcased on the website or if you would like to promote events in the near future or hot spots that deserve the exposure, you know where to find us.

Contact on: info@mixedapples.co.za