Yo Grapes is AMAZING!! Been playing his album non stop for 2 weeks now… Lets find out what he is all about

Yo GrapesI got introduced to Yo Grapes by my good friend Ryan a few weeks back, at a small house party, where we pumped his music on repeat! I fell in love immediately, or maybe it was hypnotically hehe….either way, i am glad! Since then i have not listened to very much else and I am even starting to learn the words now. For those that don’t know, Yo Grapes is actually the side project of Craig Durrant, the drummer of Desmond & The Tutus, and it is freaking awesome! This album, “Grape Juice”, has a little bit of everything but its electronic based, with some really fun loving, i-want-to-dance-my-face-off kind of moments. We caught up with Craig for a very brief chat, take a look at what he had to say…

MA: Hey Craig, how we doing today? Very nice to be chatting to you…

– I’m good thanks just a bit sleepy.

MA: Tell us a little bit of about yourself and how you started Yo Grapes?

– I started Yo Grapes when in around 2011 – thats when I made my first song. I was really bored because I was in a cast up to my knee for 3 months so I decided to try and make the free time a bit more productive. So after I watched all of the seasons of the Sopranos I made one or 2 songs and put them out there.

MA: You are a part of the extremely successful group Desmond and the Tutus, how does this project compare to that?

– They’re both super fun to be part of – Desmond is great because we are doing some amazing shows lately and getting to tour around the world a bit which is fun. Yo Grapes is fun for me because I get to have total creative control over it and do something different.

MA: What are some of the influences in your sound?

– I love disco music, so thats one of the main influences for me.

MA: Was it just the question of you wanting to express yourself musically or are their more reasons for starting your Yo Grapes?

– I guess expression was part of it, but mostly I just wanted to try it out, I found making songs and playing shows was a fun thing to do so I carried on doing it.

MA: In the ever growing local music industry, what has you guys most excited and how do you think your sound suits the open minded nature of people these days?

– I don’t know, I hope it fits in there somewhere.

MA: Where and how can we download or buy your music?

– You can get it from my soundcloud page or at yograpes.co.za it’s all free there.

MA: I was at Arcade Empire for their Halloween party and you guys, in my opinion, were the best dressed people there. Who came up with the idea of dressing up as Ali G?

– That was myself and Shane over a cup of coffee we decided that it would be hilarious and went on a baggy clothes search that day.

Park Acoustics-november-2013

MA: You will be playing at the final Park Acoustics of 2013, are you excited about this and what can we expect from your performance?

– I’m going to play a bunch of stuff from the album I’ve been releasing week by week. So that’ll be something different for the show.

MA: Are you working on anything else that we might be interested in?

– Myself and Shane (from the Tutus) are working on a hip-hop side project called Special Guests. So keep an eye out for that.

MA: Where do you see Yo Grapes in 5 years?

– Probably working in a bank.

MA: Where can we follow you?

– Facebook.com/YoGrapes
– soundcloud.com/yo-grapes.
– twitter @craigdurrant 

MA: Lastly, is there any festival in the world you would still love to play at one day?

– There is a festival called Calvi on the Rocks in Corsica that looks amazing, so I would love to play there one day.

Yo Grapes

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