#XBoxReveal – Microsoft reveals the new XBox One



Microsoft has finally revealed what is said to be the future of All-in-One entertainment systems. Meet the Xbox One, boasting 8 cores for a seamless experience, plenty of memory for even the most intense gaming in the form of 8GB RAM and 500GB built in storage.

XBoxOne2Microsoft is reinventing the way we experience our gaming and entertainment with new innovations built to fit into your life such as voice commanded systems which immediately recognize you as an individual and tailors your experience accordingly. “Xbox On” – That’s all it takes to get things started. The new 3 operating system environment brings together the best of XBoxOne1Windows and Xbox in to one shared platform, which opens up the doors for a seemingly endless amount of apps and functions to be introduced over time. Overall, in terms of making this more than just a cutting edge gaming device which is set to revolutionize the industry as we know it Microsoft have really outdone themselves.

But still, the main focus should of course lie with gaming – All the the top gaming houses around the world have already been hard at work developing new graphics engines and technologies for the next generation of gaming. Among the most anticipated early releasesXBoxOne3 we are looking to are the likes of Fifa 2014, Call of Duty: Ghosts, Quantum Break and not to forget Forza 5 which is to be released along side the XBox One system. The preview to these games all look a little bit too good to be true but i definitely like what I see. With the trend of online gaming being at an all time high, Microsoft have developed intelligent player matching systems and have increased their computing power by upping the amount of servers around the world. All this of course making it a strong contender for the ongoing battle to be the No1 gaming console. With the XBoxOne5release, there are obviously new accessories that come with the XBox One such as a newly designed controller which is (believe it or not) even better than the current XBox controller and brand new Kinect sensor which will greatly change the way in which you interact with your XBox One. I’m sure we will have a lot more by the time E3 comes around later this year. Until then check out these trailers below.

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