Just when you thought Vodacom In The City couldn’t get any better, this year Vodacom is giving the power to local music by announcing the addition of top SA acts P.H.fat and Al Bairre to the lineup!

Incredibly successful in their own right, P.H.fat and Al Bairre were also previous Vodacom Open The City winners – and join this year’s Open The City winner Grassy Spark as the local bands on stage.

This is the first time in the festival’s history that such a strong local lineup has been booked, reaffirming Vodacom’s commitment to showcasing top SA talent, alongside stellar internationals The Kooks, Milky Chance and The Cat Empire.

Fresh off performing over 40 shows this year alone while touring SA, the UK, Europe and Australia, P.H.fat are set to hit the #VITC2015 stage again. After proving their insane ability to command an audience and perform alongside international veterans without missing a beat, in 2014 these electronic rap hip-hop hellions will bring their smooth, dirty rhymes to the 2015 stage.

Loveable, quirky Cape Town band Al Bairre have been hitting up playlists across the country with such recent hits as Bungalow and Julia while finishing their own tour of the UK. “We are frothing out to play Vodacom In The City again,” says the band. “We love dancing and if we remember correctly so do the good people of Joburg. So it’s always a gas. Also we can’t wait to see The Cat Empire. That was like our whole childhood.”

Book your spot on the Emmarentia Dam lawns for the best day out this spring.

Last chance to get your tickets for only R495 at https://seed.nutickets.co.za/events/vitc2015

All ages welcome. Under 7’s get in for free.

Read this: Everything you need to know before you go!

The final Vodacom In The City lineup times are:

11:00-12:00 Grassy Spark
12:15-13:15 Al Bairre/P.H.Fat
13:30-14:30 The Cat Empire
15:00-16:00 Milky Chance
16:40-17:55 The Kooks

Gates open at 10:00. Event ends at 18:00.

Parking: There is limited parking available around the venue. We recommend carpooling, taking an Uber or taxi. Use the Uber code #VITC2015 to receive a R200 first-ride discount!

What to bring?

No liquids or bottles can be brought into the event area. You can bring your own food, but there will be gourmet food vendors on site.

Bring your picnic blankets and if you want to bring an umbrella please make sure you sit to the side so you don’t block other people’s view.

Yes, there will be an ATM.

Hit up Vodacom In The City on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter for all the latest event info.


We have 2x DOUBLE TICKETS to give away to two very lucky people!! As always, leave us a COMMENT below telling us why you should win those tickets and who you are super excited to watch live on the 4th October??!!

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27 Responses

  1. shweta says:

    I found out this weekend that I have the weekend off from work which perfectly coincides with VITC! I have been waiting months to see milky chance and the kooks and now that they are finally here and my weekend cleared up I think its fate that I should go!! Plus it is my friends birthday weekend and it would really make his year if I could give him a ticket 😀

  2. Shannon says:

    I neeeed to win because all my money has gone to fixing my breaks (yeeeesh :/) and I didn’t get a chance to see the Kooks the first time around and i’d be utterly and completely CRUSHED if I had to miss them AGAIN

  3. Bodie says:

    I cant think of a better Sunday Funday.

    Jamming around to two of my favourites, The Kooks & Milky Chance, not to mention some of SA’s best musicians – in front of the beautiful Emmarentia dam. The Monday hangover will be totally worth it.

  4. Jarryd Potgieter says:

    Make Sunday a FAIRYTALE but giving me a STOLEN DANCE in the SWEET SUN at Emmerentia. You’ll find me DOWN BY THE RIVER in a FEATHERY hat living out my dream of seeing my favourite band.
    I will spend the day RUNNING with wide INDIGO eyes staring at my fellow fans caught in a LOVELAND of music.
    I am BECOMING desperate as my fear of missing this magical day increases.

    Don’t make my day SADNECESSARY. Rather feed my FLASH JUNKED MIND with the sweet sounds of MILKY CHANCE.

  5. Cassarica Nadas says:

    I am super excited to see Milky Chance I love their music and Clemens Rehbein voice is og=h so soothing and divine! Please pick me I would love to go I am new in JHB and want to experience this awesome event!

  6. Vivienne says:

    I have fallen head over heels for Milky Chance and the kooks are my best memory of 2012 that I want to relive.
    I want to share this amazing experience of a life time qiy

  7. Lee Mavuso says:

    I’m a freelance music writer and I’m constantly doing reviews on really cool bands which I can never go see because being freelance means poverty and no extra money in the kitty to buy concert tickets. I’ve been writing about The Kooks, Cat Empire and Milky Chance, would be so rad if I finally got to see them live.

  8. Lameez says:

    I need to get to RTD to see The Kooks! I did not luck out and win tickets to see The Kooks when they were last time with 5Gum and I was gutted. Especially when I saw winners selling their winning on Gumtree for ridiculous prices. Tickets to RTD were too expensive by the time The Kooks were announced as an act this year for RTD so I was again gutted. I have been trying to get a RTD fund started but no one seems to want to support my cause because well… They understandably won’t take me seriously nor understand how much this means to me and assume I am surely joking (but I assure you I am not), every bit would have gone towards a RTD ticket… Not to mention that I still haven’t seen Monark live yet, or Grassy Spark, and would love to see PHfat and others, but The Kooks is my main concern right now! Please help make my Kooks dreams come true!

  9. Kirsten says:

    I’d sell my left kidney to see milky chance perform. maybe the right one too, I heard you can live up to 24 hours with no kidneys.

  10. Daniella says:

    All I’m saying is I NEEEEEEED to watch Milky Chance as their music takes me to the Milky way Cliché as hell ! But no seriously – tequila and Milky Chance ? Most defs taken to the Milky way Plllleeeeaaassseee can I have tickets!

  11. Daniella says:

    PLEAAAAAAASE can I win these tickets! You have nooooo idea how long I’ve been wanting to go for but unfortunately they didn’t make tickets at student rates 😉 You have no idea how happy I’ll be and I promise to party like the world is gonna end !!! :D:D pretty please allow me to go get my tequil on at this awesome event !!! #MixedApplesWeLoveYou!
    Pleeeeeeaasssssseeee pleeeeeaaasssseee :D:D:D

  12. Because literally all my friends are going to rocking or to VITC and I might jump off a bridge due to fomo.
    you guys would literally be saving a life.. #wordonthestreet #VITC2015 #savealife #fomosuicide #mixedapples

  13. Michelle says:

    Soooo New to the line up.. Got the chance to watch Al Bairre live @ PArk Acoustic… What an awesome show it was… But getting the chance to see Milky Chance & The Kooks….. I’ll be so excited… So pick me this is on my bucket list… To go to as many shows as i can the sky is not the limit and to take a picture with all the bands… Ppppppplease pick me so I can have fun with everyone and MIXED APPLES

  14. Soooooooo when do we find out winners mixed apples?? Really want a chance to see all these amazing artists live!!! #wordonthestreet #vodacominthecity

  15. Ruan says:

    The Al Bairre announcement rocked my socks off ! I would love to have the opportunity to get down like a bear in a pear suit – too stoked for this amazing line-up. Hope to see everyone there, These tickets will go towards sharing this event with a closely selected few !

  16. Marnel Kim says:

    I know The Kooks were here in 2013, but at that time I was still young and ‘naive’ (yes that is a Kooks reference) and I didn’t know much about music festivals, so unfortunately I missed them (frown emoticon)
    Last year they were suppose to be playing in Durban for the World Jam Music Festival and I was thrilled to say the least. I was literally busy looking at flights to get me from Johannesburg to Durban, when sadly I got notified that the music festival’s been canceled. I was heartbroken..
    So now you can understand why I’m so excited for Sunday. I HAVE to see The Kooks!! Third time the charm I guess =D And after today’s announcement with P.H.fat and Al Bairre!! It’s gonna be the party of the year son! 😉

  17. Quinton says:

    Ok – here are three reasons!
    1 – The Kooks rock and I missed them the last time I was here because I decided to live under a rock that year (No Comment)
    2 – Saw Grassy Spark at Boosh the other day, MIND BLOWN! Plus now that P.H.Phat is on the line-up, they probably going to do their cover of “Lights Out” with Smooth Mike – so I just have to be there for that!
    3 – Did they seriously add Al Bairre and P.H.Phat to the line-up after is was already sick as hell? Really? Just became the party of the year!
    Oh….and yeah……Milky Chance…..they pretty cool……;)

    • Quinton Dos Santos says:

      Did I mention “Caviar Dreams”!!!!!! Really hope they play it! Haha!
      PS – Ignore my spelling of P.H.Fat *under a rock

  18. Robyn Sloman says:

    Way way too excited for this event, because “I always thought I would end up with you (tickets) eventually” 😉 it goes without saying that I’m the most excite for the Kooks

  19. Because I’d kill to attend my first ever Vodacom in the City along with my partner in crime who will be celebrating her birthday! I’d also love to break my cycle of bad luck regarding competitions.

    so please allow me to get down and dirty in the sunshine to some of my favourite artists.
    much looove!

  20. Super excited to see Milky chance as well as Ph Fat seeing as they are joining now!!!! In the city is going to to be a jol, a party not to be missed, esp given the line up!!! Would really love to win a set of tickets so my friend and I can experience all these insanely good musicians live!!!

  21. Annicia Labuschagne says:

    I should win these tickets because I have never been to Any of the Vodacom in the city event, and every year I wanted to go and couldnt!! I feel so bumped, the line ups are always insane!! I REALY need to see The Kooks and MiLKY CHaNCE!!!!

    Please pick me!


  22. Tarryn Whittle says:

    To sum it up – student budget 🙁 and because if I had the chance to go I would make every second count!! I have such FOMO for this event it’s not even funny!! 😀
    Absolutely dying to see Milky Chance!!!!!! <3 that man is something else and I can't believe I am missing him actually…
    (Pick me, pick me)

  23. Gerard says:

    This is going to be craaazeee

  24. Kirsten says:

    Cannot wait for Milky Chance ! To see The Kooks again would be amazing , so excited I’m SALIVATING.

  25. Annemie says:

    I NEED these tickets because I NEED to watch Milky Chance. And also, because I’m broke and only get paid on the 5th 🙁

  26. Cassandra Delacovia says:

    I definitely think I should be going to see the kooks and milky chance as they are quite possibly some of my favorite live bands, not to mention our very own al bairre gracing us with their presence! The only thing I could equate to giving me that much fun on Sunday the 4th of October would be if someone handed me my very own magical unicorn (yes you do get magical ones and standard baseline models; and yessssssss I’m all about the magic)

    Let’s make this a reality (I’ll totally buy tequila for like everyone!)


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