[WIN] Converse Sneaker of The Month


Every month on Mixed Apples we give our readers the opportunity to win a sick pair of sneakers proudly sponsored by CONVERSE. This month we have something for the ladies, these leopard print Chuck Taylor’s can be yours, all you have to do is.. 

All you have to do to win these sneakers is to to tell us about your inner party animal in the comment section below. Winners will be randomly selected at the end of September and will be announced right here on Mixed Apples.

Your inner party animal- we can only imagine that a yellow leopard would definitely be the party starter in the wild but in the concrete jungle there is space for a whole different kind of party animal, are you this party animal? tell us a little bit more and stand a chance to win.

To enter, you must be subscribed to our monthly newsletter. If you have liked our Facebook Page and followed us on Twitter, your chances are instantly improved because we like you a little bit more.. Just like that! Be creative, funny or even down right ridiculous!


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4 Responses

  1. Samantha Busby says:

    Life is so much better with a pair of fresh Converse Sneakers on your feet #ConverseLove

  2. Samantha Busby says:

    SNEAKERS GET LOST! #ConverseSneakersRockMyWorld

  3. Chris Silva says:

    #Converse #AllStars, they are NOT a pair of shoes, they are NOT just another clothing item. They are a life companion, they journey with you, share life experiences with you, they are part of you. They give more class to smart attire than any other shoe and kill any other sneaker in exsitance. They make you the kid with the #PumpedUpKicks, the rad rocker, the grunge legend. Converse battle wars and still come out on top & look better than ever. They share you bucketlist and have seen it all. To a life long compaion Converse AllStar you are the BEST! #ShoesAreBoringWearSneakersConverse #ShoesHaveACurfewSneakersWatchTheSunrise

  4. Samantha Busby says:

    Like a Leopard I quietly stalk my prey, arriving like a true wild cat. Quietly, Quietly… Waiting for the perfect moment to arrive. Watching, premeditating, calculating my every move, until… I finally attack, catching everyone off guard! Bringing the wild side to the party, true party animal style!
    #truewildcat #conversesneakers #partyanimal

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