Who is OddXperienc? Let’s find out


OddXperienc is a Jozi based DJ Duo who joined forces back in 2008 and have since grown from strength to strength. The Duo consists of Edwin Tiyani Baloyi “Ed Iz Odd” and Kgomotso Ronald Ramahotswa “Kaygee Iz Odd”, both these gents have a deep rooted love for music and production thereof, particularly focusing on deep, soulful, vocal house! Among their growing list of achievements, OddExperienc have been featured on five different releases including DJ Essentials Vol 1 – Selected by Soul Candi Records, as well as releasing their first album titled “Pound for Pound” under the watchful eye of our friend 2Lani the Warrior at Do It Now Recordings which received major airtime on the biggest local radio stations.

OddXperinc do not limit themselves to being exclusively studio bound, they have played their fair share of sets alongside some of the industry’s greats and have a lot of ongoing initiatives which we quizzed them about in our interview.. Let’s get right into that..

MA: Hi guys, please tell us a little bit more about who OddXperienc is?

Hi and thanks Mixed Apples for the interview. OddXperienc is a multi-talented duo which comprises of DJ/ Producer Edwin Tiyani Baloyi “Ed Iz Odd” and Kgomotso Ronald Ramahotswa “Kaygee Iz Odd”.

MA: Your name is definitely unique please tell us what it’s all about?

The name ‘Odd’ was give to Ed years ago by friends as he was always coming up with unique ways of dressing up, dancing and in his music sense. And ‘Xperienc’ was given to Kaygee by Ed, as he was highly impressed by the number of years and reputation that Kaygee had built in the industry. This was before we met up and were individual djs. Upon meeting, our friendship grew into a business idea and brought what was Odd and Xperiencd together to form “OddXperienc” so that our followers can enjoy a music experience like none other.

MA: How would you best describe your sound?

Our sound is called “Odd Music”. It is a fusion of contemporary African sounds and the off-beat trance. The off-beat or broken beat element is an electronic music genre that comes with staggered or punctuated snare beats and / or hand claps. It uses synthesizers, drum machine, sequencer, and sampler. These are sounds originally taken from Jazz, Soul, Funk, House and R n’ B.

MA: We have seen you perform with some of the industry’s heavyweights, to date, what has been your most memorable moment as OddXperienc?

That is a tough one because there have been so many awesome memories. One of them was a moment, the 13th December 2014 to be exact, where we shared a one-on-one set with 2Lani The Warrior – at our House Rehab Sessions hosted at Motswako Lounge in Midrand. We will be releasing our album under this heavyweights’ stable, Do IT Now Recordings.

MA: Where do you find inspiration when it comes to making music?

Inspiration, for us and many, is found from the everyday life, people and other hardworking producers we meet up with.


MA: What exactly is your project “OddXperienc Music” about?

OddXperienc Music is a sub-culture or a movement that promotes upcoming artists. Not just any artist but those who bring a unique music contribution. This is our way of creating a platform and a home for the many South African youth to showcase their art in front of fellow DJs and producers. The sessions are held monthly at the House Rehab Sessions in partnership with DOWA, AudioArque and Retro Booiz.

MA: Your current releases are getting a lot of attention and air play, what are you guys busy working on at the moment?

Yes, we have gotten a substantial amount of airplay and we have been promoting our single “Gogo Belinda” as a build-up to our album launch.

Our album “TIMELESS”; is due to be released online at the end April then on CD in Musica stores, nation-wide. Various media platforms have generously given us airplay which has led to an increased following. A lot of the background work has been done by our PR & management partners, Retro Booiz.

MA: Where do you see OddXperienc in 5 years’ time?

We see OddXperienc having their own genre ‘Odd music’ and being one of the best empowering brands that add a huge value to our South African talents.

MA: Where can people follow you?

For all OddXperienc inquires & bookings: contact our booking agents – Retro Booiz

Wander Booi: +27 79 801 9592
Email: retro.booiz21@gmail.com

For people who would like to know our music better they may follow us on:

Facebook Page: https://facebook.com/oddxpmusic

Our Artist Management Group Facebook Page: https://facebook.com/pages/Retro-Booiz/320775507973346

Facebook Group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/160757197381060/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/odd_xperienc

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/oddxperienc

SoundCloud: http://soundcloud.com/oddxperience/tracks

Traxsource: http://traxsource.com/artist/118400/oddxperienc/

Photo/Picture credit: By Wander Booi

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