We got to chat with Napalma, a very interesting mixture of awesomeness

Napalma_by_Mia_Davilaphoto by Mia_Davila

Napalma is a band with a mixture of Brazilian and African culture, bringing together all their influences to make an extremely interesting and fun loving sound. They will be playing at the final Park Acoustics of the year this weekend on the Jack Daniel’s main stage at 12:00. Take a look at the interview we did with them…

  • Hey guys, can you please tell us a little bit about yourselves and please introduce us to the band?

We are some guys deeply in love for music. Napalma is the musical inspiration born out of a fusion between Brazilian and African culture and music.  Created in 2004 during carnival in Vitoria, Espirito Santo, Brazil, the band is committed to inventing new ways to incite dance floor fever.

  • You guys bring together a whole lot of different elements together to make your exciting and unique sound…how would you describe your sound?

Napalma music comes with powerful electronic dance grooves, percussion and rhythms from such rich Afro-Brazilian musical heritage & West African styles.

The show is the result of mixed with a riveting performance and inspiring vocals in Portuguese, English and Shangaan (from Mozambique).  The vibrancy of the band members is contagious and no audience is immune.

  • What are some of the influences and inspirations  in your sound?

Music made with soul, it doesn’t matter the style.


  • What have been some of your highlights as a band?

The big bonus is for our lives the trips and friends we made around the world.
Some events i can say: Boom Festival 2006 and 2008 (Portugal), Universo Paralelo Festival (Brasil), Pacha Sharm el Sheikh (Egypt), Guanabara’s birthday party (London), Ocean Festival (Mozambique), Splashy Fen Festival, Rocking The Daisies Festival (SA)

  • The local music scene is growing and so many more amazing bands are popping up everywhere, is this an exciting time to be in the industry?

To be in the music industry is a life style you chose and its allways a rollercoaster….

  • You guys are playing at the final Park Acoustics of 2013, does this excite you guys and what can we expect from your performance?

Its so exciting to be starting the new tour “Miissing you SA” just on this weekend and have such a great gig to play. The venue, the project, the bands and the crowd around Park Acoustics are a bombastic formula of success. NAPALMA expect to put up a entertaining gig and see the crowd having a trance mood….

  • What other project are you guys working on?

Napalma is just starting a new tour after months of holiday where we put time to our personal lives, i spent time in Brazil with my family, Ivo Maia has become a daddy, etc…

We have been writing and recording some new audio and video material.



photo by Petro Kotze

  • Where do you see yourselves in 5 years?

Playing music and having fun…

  • Where can we follow you guys? (social media)

New promo video EPK




  • Lastly, is there any festival in the world you would still love to play at one day?

Big Day Out (Asutralia), Rock in Rio Festival (Brazil), Montreaux Jazz Festival (Switzerland), Pole Pole Festival (Belgium), etc, etc, etc….

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