We get to chat to the quirky guys from The Plastics ahead of their gig at Park Acoustics this Sunday

Plastics-2013---Forest2.-Photo-Credit-Lauren-WallerThe Plastics are a band on the rise and smiling as they whisk past us in their rock ‘n roll bubble of awesomeness. This Indie Retro Rock band has just released their latest album called “Pyramid”, which is a great album that will have you dancing and wanting to have fun! If you have not seen what these guys do live on stage, you should really come to Park Acoustics this Sunday to witness their energy, be sure to bring your dancing shoes!! Take a look at the interview we had with them…

  • The Plastics…Yeah!! Tell me…how did you guys meet, to start this awesome band??

We met in a room with three walls and 2 clocks.In the corner a turquoise metronome clicking out of time with itself and a renewed sense of individuality. There was a taste of banana milkshakes in the air and the feeling that something wildly peculiar was about to happen. I took my coffee with 2 sugars that day as opposed to the usual three and a half. Wow, if you could have seen how we laughed and danced the nights right into the dust. It was the best summer of our lives and it had just begun.

  • Can you please introduce us to the band… and tell us who is Mr serious pants when all you wanna do is have fun?

Pascal Righini -Vocals and Guitar
Sasha Righini- Drums
Karl Rohloff- Bass
Emile Van Dango – Guitar 

Mr Serious Pants-Jeremy Moyle our best friend/worst enemy/manager

  • Coming out of The Mother City, you are 1 of many amazing indie rock bands. Was it been a struggle with all the competition or more like living your dreams with all your best friends in the industry?

Its a bit of both really. There are many cool and amazingly talented people in the Cape Town music scene and they sometimes inspire you to be better,do better and to work harder but other times they just inspire you to drink one more tequila and do that dance move that you probably should never do again. 


  • What bands inspire your sound, local and international?

Locally some bands we really enjoy are: The New Loud Rockets, Beach Party , Al Bairre and Beatenberg.

Internationally: 60’s Pop bands , The Strokes,The Arctic Monkeys,Bears ,Two Door Cinema Club and Mgmt.

  • Do you recall your first ever gig as a band? Can you describe it?

It was downstairs at Mercury live , we drew pictures of weird blob like people and stuck them around the club to create “Hype” . We only had about 5 songs and were required to play for 45 minutes. I think we ended up just free jamming for about 15 minutes of the show. If I recall correctly some of our finest jams that we had ever had up to that point. Too much fun. People actually liked it a lot.

  • What has been your stand out gig of 2013?

Rocking the Daisies.

  • You have released your latest album “Pyramid”, how has the reaction been to it thus far?

The reaction to Pyramid has really been amazing. We got much critical acclaim from the album as well as award nominations and lots of radio play . Pyramid really was the first lift off point for The Plastics and it is an effort we are very proud of. Our favorite song and probably one not everyone has heard on the album , “Mud and Money”. Give it a listen on our soundcloud.

  • What track is your favorite to perform live?

Either Best Pretenders,Midnight Passion or Rat.

  • What has you most excited about the local music industry?

The standard of the music is just getting ridiculous.I think we are at the point were a lot of local bands are beginning to eclipse some of the international acts. It’s a great time for South African indie music.

  • To date, was has been some of your highlights as a band?

Recording our 2 albums Shark (2010) and Pyramid (2012). Opening for 2 Door Cinema Club in 2012. Rocking the Daisies in 2012 and 2009. Traveling the country and meeting and playing for all our amazing fans. We love you a lot. Please can you all go steady with us from today. Thanks.

  • You going to be playing at Park Acoustics this month, are you guys excited and what can we expect from your performance?

We are super excited! We haven’t played Park acoustic in over a year and you can expect a really great show from us filled with highs and lows, triumph and adversity and yes in the end the nerd will get the girl and the house school jock will end up becoming a drunken janitor at the local ice rink.

  • Is there anything that you are working on that we might be interested in?

Lots. New music videos, new merchandise, new photos and most importantly NEW SONGS.

  • Where can people follow you?

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ThePlasticsband
Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/theplastics
SoundCloud: https://soundcloud.com/theplastics

  • Lastly, if you could open for any band in the world, current or past, who would that be for? 

Jimi Hendrix and The Beatles, because everything ever.

-Photography by Lauren-Waller

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