We chat with JORDI – Winner of the CONVERSE Get Out Of The Garage Competition


The past few months have been a manic blur of local musicians battling it out to be the winners of the CONVERSE Get Out Of The Garage competition. The judges have tallied the votes and JORDI has emerged victorious. We would like to congratulate JORDI for winning this once in a life-time competition. Jordi took a minute to curb his excitement and have a quick chat with us about him winning the competition. this is how it went down – 

MA: Please tell us what your reaction was to hearing that you won the CONVERSE Get out of the garage competition?

“My family and I sat watching the knock out stages, yus it was hectic. When I got the call from the Converse team my heart sank and there were tears and laughter and we just couldn’t believe it. The amazing team @Converse_Africa had to give me a second call just so that we could have a proper conversation. It was so overwhelming. ”

MA: In our previous conversation you referred to this competition as the “ultimate stepping stone”, Where do you see this stepping stone taking you?

“Wow, well first of all Rocking the Daisies where I  have the honor of playing the awesome festival, London( 100club) and then New York to record a song at The Rubber Track Studios. Just this prize in itself is an opportunity of a lifetime. @Converse_Africa  has created a platform for the right people to take notice. Music is my passion and  I’m in this for the long run. ”


MA: Is there anyone who you would like to thank for helping you get to this pivotal point in your career?

“There are so many people that have played a part In helping, supporting and encouraging me. Firstly I’d like to thank the Converse team for this incredible opportunity, Catherine Grenfell, Jon Savage, Reason, Gary Cool, Texx, Lady Abi Ray, the awesome guys in Gangs of Ballet, Jeremy  Loops, Flint meet Spark, Lieutenant Vinyl, Melisk, The Armstrong Family, Kloof Harvest, Stefan Myburgh, Richard Armstrong, Richard Gorven, Tyrin Hale, all my family and friends…the list could seriously go on. I just want to acknowledge my mom and thank her for all the effort, belief and money spent to shape who I am today. I love you.” 

MA: What has you most excited about your prize as a whole?

“That I get to live my Dream and pursue my passion. I am so grateful.”

MA: Which song are you most eager to record at the CONVERSE rubber tracks studio in New York?

“let it be a surprise.”

Once again CONGRATULATIONS to Jordi! We wish you all the best – get out there and make us all proud!

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