We Chat With Craig White Ahead Of Park Acoustics


It has been almost 2 years to the day since we last had a chat with Craig White, the Pretoria based DJ who is doing big things and nothing seems to have changed. Many of you will know the man behind decks as you have probably seen him at some of the hottest gigs in and around town. This coming Saturday you can catch him at the Cabin Fever dance floor doing his thing at Mid-Day. We had a quick chat with him to catch up, this is how it went down;

MA: Hi Craig, It’s been almost two years to the day since our last interview, how have you been?

Hi Grant, things have been going really well, I have joined the corporate world but my love for DJing has not stopped at all. I have been playing loads more deep house gigs these days and I have fallen in love with style of music. Maybe its age catching up with me but to hear music with real instruments and amazing vocals speaks to my soul.

MA: In our last conversation, you were about to embark on your national tour, we never had a chance to find out how that went? Care to share some memories?

Yes, My “This is what I Do” tour was a great success. Traveling around 5000km in 3 weeks was tiring but never the less a fantastic tour, My highlight has to be playing at Origin in Durban in the dungeon, amazing sound and a brilliant crowd.

MA: As a Pretoria boy yourself, how does it feel being booked on one of the biggest line-up’s that the city has to offer this coming Saturday?

For me this is a huge honour I have to say, I have been to Park Acoustics plenty times and even more since the introduction of the Cabin Fever floor, It is always a great day in the sun and now with it being on a Saturday and the HUGE names on the line up people are going to go massive. I will say now this will be one for the books.


MA: Are you currently working on any projects that you might want to share with us?

At this moment nothing to really write home about.

MA: We often see you having a good time as a guest at Park Acoustics, what has been your most memorable moment at the monument to date?

HAHAHAHAHA, that’s a very polite way to put it. I have to say two memories stand out for me, Firstly Bittereinder, seeing them live was mind blowing but I think one of the best things has to be seeing Kyle Watson on the Cabin Fever floor, as a local DJ playing to an International standard with his insane production, that has to take the cake for my most memorable moment at Park Acoustics.

MA: How can people stay in the loop regarding all things “Craig White”?

I would say all the normal places Facebook, Twitter, Mixcloud and Souncloud, all of them being Craig White DJ, Then also my website. www.craigwhitedj.co.za

Thank you to everyone at Mixed Apples for the interview and then to Park Acoustic especially the crew on the Cabin Fever floor thank you for making me part of such an epic line. PTA wont forget this one

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