[Video] TiMO ODV Releases Video For SAVE ME

[Video] TiMO ODV Releases Video For SAVE ME

TiMO ODV has launched himself onto the scene with his first single and music video for SAVE ME (featuring the luscious harmonies of Sarah Jackson), showcasing how his soul stirring deep sound illuminates the magnetic power of his pop sensibilities.

“I don’t wanna be alone, won’t you come and save me?”

TiMO ODV started writing SAVE ME in October 2014, and admits that writing the right vocals for the track took him a few attempts. He ended up writing 5 songs over the chords, taking the best part of each one song and putting it together which resulted in SAVE ME.

[Video] TiMO ODV Releases Video For SAVE ME

“The chorus of SAVE ME is sort of an outcry for someone to come and rescue you from a situation you feel stuck or alone in. Hard times are usually not as hard when someone is there to walk with you,” says TiMO.

The video for SAVE ME was produced by Studio Space Pictures. Being his first shoot, TiMO quickly learned how to feel at ease in front of the camera, “There was a room full of people and big camera lights all shining on me and people all around me staring. In amidst all this, someone says ‘Just be cool!’ So at first it was a bit overwhelming, but once I finally relaxed and realised it’s my music video, I really started having a lot of fun.”

Fans can look forward to funny prints, bright lights and weird dancing in front of a white wall. TiMO feels the mood of the song was perfectly captured in the music video, “I’m really happy to with the music video, and I also am really overwhelmed by the response and support it has been getting. I don’t think I could be more grateful to anyone who is supporting it.”

TiMO ODV – Save Me [Official video] ft. Sarah Jackson

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