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D-Maslo-&-Che-CherryHere we have a duo that will blow your mind… D Maslo and Che Cherry are a DJ/Producer and Live Vocalist combination that hit all the right cords. Their LIVE performances are made up of the sweet vocals of Che Cherry singing on top of D Maslo doing his thing on the decks. Their music includes original lyrics and music as well as unique covers of soul, funk and disco classics on a fine selection of tracks. The overall product creates a super vibe and groove applicable to bars, clubs or private function. We caught up to them to chat about music, how they got started and the inside info on their latest album, this is how it went down: 


-Tell us about your journey to where you are today, a little bit of background on Maslo and Che Cherry?

David Maslo: We met at a studio where Cherry was learning how to DJ and I was working a production. She approached me and asked me to sing on one of my tracks. Turned out that I had a new beat ready for vocals. We gave it a try, did the track and decided to make an album all in one day. There was just musical chemistry.

For the last 3 years, we’ve been performing together while taking every opportunity to travel, collaborate with other artists and show what we can do.

-What would you say is your biggest influence and inspiration to making music?

Wow ! You see, when we are born, your mother screams, you scream, and sometimes your father screams too. Well we never stopped, and we’ve made it our mission to inspire others to scream just like the day they were born.

Honestly though, what is the question again ?

Che Cherry:  It’s the 60s, 70s, the whole funk era. I love the way there was only three chances to do a track at most (you know because it cost too much money to do more than that back then). I kind of live by that rule now. If you have to do more than 3 takes, there’s probably something wrong with that song and let’s move on to the next one. I’m attracted to the spontaneity in music of the earlier times.

David Maslo: I love my instruments, especially piano and strings. I think I’m just naturally drawn to it. I need to feel that there’s that special melody, hook or harmony in the music. We’re not just putting beats together, we’re writing songs with real instruments and hopefully we’ll release an acoustic album sometime in the future.

Our music is inspired by so many genres. We try to keep our ears and minds open to what has been done, and what is trying to be done today. It’s house with a twist of funk, disco, tech, classical, RnB…

We really incorporate everything we love.


-Tell us how your first ever gig went?

Cherry: Horrible, we had no songs ! We kind of improvised the whole thing.

David: I remember us going through some of my music the night before, trying to combine instrumentals with old school funk tracks !

Cherry: We were really lucky though to have good friends who all came through… our first show was packed, but what really changed things around was our second show. We asked a club to perform there because we needed to prove ourselves. So we asked the owner to let us play on his busiest night and told him to cut the music within the first three minutes if he didn’t like it. We ended up playing for 2 hours and got our first residency there

-What has you most excited about our local music industry?

Cherry: South Africa has so much potential. The musicians are finally catching up with the rest of the world, the quality is getting better. More international artists are coming through, giving us a better idea of the standard of quality that South Africans need to achieve. And more international artists are interested in performing in South Africa and taking South African artists and influences overseas. I think we’ve only just started to unleash the talents we possess.


-To date, what has been your best gig / achievement individually and as a group?

Cherry: It’s a real personal one but being called on stage by Fathy Salama in Cairo Egypt. The guy is a legend.

David: I think that’s where I mention LA, a studio and B-Real from Cypress Hill. I flew there to do a studio session with him and he was really cool.

This album is our best achievement for sure. We’re really proud of it.

Our best gig, we really can’t choose because they are all amazing and unique but top of the list would be the Sunbreeze Festival in Vodice (Croatia), a crazy birthday party in St Tropez (France) and a mad Imbizo Festival near Newcastle side. But last Friday at HQ in Sandton was pretty epic as well. For more detail contact DJ Soulsista

-We believe that you are working on your latest album, please tell us more about this.

It’s done ! Finally. Well, in few words, it took us 3 years to complete it. It’s house music with a Maslo and Cherry spin, evolving from soul to rocking soul. All tracks are produced by Maslo with Cherry’s vocals (as well as a few collaborations such as Steve Paradise, Chappell, Martin East, and Fred Spider …) and recording it stretched from South Africa to Paris, Amsterdam, and Venice. Mixed in Paris (that’s a whole other story, flying to France to find a guy call Mohammed, good luck), mastered in London.


-When can we expect to hear the first EP of the album?

David: We’ll be releasing our first single end of July and I think we have enough tracks to release a new one every week for the rest of the year.

-You guys will be performing at the Sunday Soulful Sessions this weekend, what can we expect from you?

David: It’s gonna be Sunday, it’s gonna be soulful, there will be a session.

Typically I’ll be mixing on the decks with Cherry’s sweet vocals! We’ll do tracks from our upcoming album and others.

Cherry: But really the Sunday Soulful Sessions is a platform created by DJ Soulsista to bring local artists together. It’s a place where you can just be real.



Event Info

-Are you guys working on any other projects that we might be interested in?

David: It really depends on what your interests are. Well, Cherry plays soccer every night and I strip on Wednesdays.

Cherry: We’re constantly collaborating. It’s something we love doing. We get involved with all kinds of styles and artists. We just completed new releases with Steve Paradise (Italy) and Rony Breaker (Hungary) to be released soon, and we’re working on new stuff with Carlos Vargas (Portugal) and we’re busy confirming others (let me not name-drop before they’re confirmed J )

-Where do you see yourselves in 5 years time?

Cherry: Hopefully still having fun doing interviews… Definitely as prominent players in the music industry. Be that on stage or behind the scenes.

David: I love to write scores so working on films would be amazing.

-Where can people follow you guys?

You guys can:

–       look us up at www.dmasloandchecherry.com

–       stalk us on facebook – facebook.com/masloandcherry

–       follow us on Twitter – @MASLOandCHERRY

–       write us on masloandcherry@gmail.com

–       watch us on Instagram – @dmaslo, @therealchecherry

–       send us presents to PO BOX 8315 Centurion 0046.

“You can send us a telegram but unfortunately our Morse code is rusted so please stick to one syllable words”

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