Trio Nova presents Tinos and Sisco Umlambo

Tinos and Sisco UmlamboAs we build-up to one of the most anticipated event coming in August, the Trio Nova ??????? SPECIAL, we would like to introduce you to the next two DJ’s that have just been revealed. These two guys are always on hand to rock the house and take you on a journey of house music ecstasy. We chat to Sisco Umlambo and Tinos, who of the owners of Trio Nova and one of the reasons why this event is so successful…

MA: What/who have been some of your influences?

Sisco- I take everyday music as an influence and try to interpret it into my own perception

MA: What has you most excited about our local music industry?

Tinos- What’s got me excited the most is the way that the South African house scene is being portrayed to the world! I believe we have got some of the worlds best producers and there is still so much hidden talent out there. To me South Africa is and always will be the house capital of the world!


MA: To date, what has your best achievement been? 

Sisco- I have had many from the RBMA to Multi-Racial Records to Sis n Jones to me as Sisco Umlambo performing on some of the top stages around the country.

Tinos- I think one of the best achievement is being able to host a successful monthly event, together with my partners, and to my knowledge being Pretoria’s longest ongoing, once a month event, from the Smoove days up till now!

MA: You are playing again at the Trio Nova event, what do you enjoy the most about these parties?

Sisco- The intimacy and peoples feeling towards the music we play.

MA: What can we expect from you this time round?

Sisco- a little bit of this a little bit of that might even drop somr of my new ureleased works

Tinos- I think it would be safe to safe we can all expect a “PUMPING NIGHT ” music and dj’s are always on point followed by a great crowd of beautiful fun loving people all there for the love of the music!!! 

At the last couple of events I was playing the classics hence the strictly vinyl night themes, this time round we will be dropping the classics together with some fresh beats to satisfy your party needs!!

MA: Ok lets get this out there….you are one of the members of Trio Nova Productions, are you excited of how people have taken to your events thus far?

Sisco- Yeah, I’m very excited to be a part of this opportunity to bring people an event where they can have a fresh social party experience, different to whats the norm now in the Capital.

Tinos- Yeah definitely !! Pretoria not having a wide variety of clubs, I really think people like the fact that there is something different close to home happening!! Response from people have been great and they seem to be loving the concept!!

MA: Is there anything you are working on that we might be interested in? 

Sisco- Working on a couple new singles with a new fresh approach , thats all I can say for now…

Sisco Umlambo

MA: Who would be the one person you would like to play back to back with?

Tinos- Ah man there’s just too many too mention at this stage but I’d still like to rock with guys like your Masters at Work , Mr V from soul channel and the list can go on!! 

MA: Where can people get hold of you and what you get up to?

Sisco- twitter: @siscoumlambo  Facebook: sisco umlambo  or the website

Tinos-  twitter @Tino_83DJ

Trio Nova ??????? SPECIAL

Date: 24th August
Time: 08:00pm-LATE
Place: Capeesh? Brooklyn
Dress: Smoove
Price: Limited Pre-Sale at R100, more thereafter…

Trio Nova

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