If you do not know Tomorrowland is, because you live under a rock or are completely oblivious to what is happening around you, let me help you out. Tomorrowland is the biggest youth activation in the world which takes shape as the biggest dance festival in the world, a gathering of over 180,000 people from all across the globe who fly in on special chartered planes. The event is held annually in Belgium and tickets to this festival are like gold. in 2013 the event sold out in 1 hour, leaving over 2,6 million people on a waiting list.. INSANE! 

As part of the Tomorrowland brand, they have launched TomorrowWorld, which aims to take the festival to other parts of the world, TomorrowWorld will be hosted for the first time in Atlanta USA, and even though the details are still a little bit sketchy, there is good reason to believe that in February 2015, we will be seeing TomorrowWorld on our shores!


What we know

When will it happen? It should take place around February 2015.
Where will it happen? All indications at this point in suggest that the R10 million landscaping project is underway at Fairview outside Paarl (Cape Town).
Who is making it happen? A company by the name of VWV Massive (This is the joint effort of VWV and Massive), the same people involved with bringing the Ministry of Sound brand to South Africa, as well as the master mind behind the Delicious festival.
What will it cost? You can expect tickets to cost in the region of R1500 for this 3 day festival. But you now have more than enough time to start saving.
How big will it be? MASSIVE – an estimated 80,000 people will be attending, including a great deal of foreigners.

“It’s going to be the biggest thing to hit South Africa since the [2010 FIFA] World Cup,” Cornwall promises, with 12 000 inbound tourists expected to head to Cape Town for the event. Landscaping at the venue on Fairview (outside Paarl) has already started at a cost of R10 million; Cornwall takes a long-term view here, intending to build a world-standard festival site here.” – MarkLives!.com

There you have it folks, I personally can not wait for more details to be available. until then, I suggest you start putting away some of your hard earned money and prepare yourself for something EPIC!

Source: ReviewMe

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  1. Mohlomi Thaanyane says:

    From Lesotho to cape town

  2. Dmon says:

    Looks like shit, there aren’t enough gay people in SA to pack that place, will probably loose money.

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