[ticket comp] PARK ACOUSTICS 26 November 2016

PARK ACOUSTICS  26 November 2016

PARK ACOUSTICS in association with Southern Comfort and Griet proudly presents the last event of 2016 with a stellar line-up including the likes of Mango Groove, Desmond & The Tutus, PHFat, Olugbenga (Metronomy) DJ Set, Wonderboom, Yugen Blackrok, Joey Rasdien and lots more!

Park Acoustics Program:
Southern Comfort Main Stage

10:00 Lil Bow
11:00 Majozi
12:00 Bombshelter Beast
13:00 Wonderboom
14:00 Desmond & The Tutus
15:30 Mango Groove
16:30 PopArtLive

Okes & Jokes Comedy Festival 

Joey Rasdien
Chris Forrest
Mojack Lehoko
Dillan Oliphant
Hannes Brummer
Vittorio Leonardi
Allyn Adams
Robby Collins

Movember Silent Disco



17:30 Tommy Gun ft Daniel Sun
18:45 Olugbenga (Metronomy) DJ Set
20:00 Grimehouse
21:15 PHfat
22:15 Michael Lesar 


17:00 Bobbejaan DJ’s
18:00 Raygun Royale
19:00 Flex of He & I
20:00 Yugen Blackrok
21:00 Make Overs
22:00 Black Math


R150 Early Bird – Available until 20 October 2016.
R200 Online (www.parkacoustics.co.za)
R250 Gate
R100 After 6PM on the day.

FACEBOOK EVENT: http://bit.ly/2dR7RPy
TICKET LINK: http://bit.ly/1OzVqF0

We have a set of double tickets up for grabs 😀 Who wants them?? 
Leave us a COMMENT below, telling us which Park Acoustics was the best of 2016 for you and why??
Winners will be announced on Monday 21st November. Good luck!!

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19 Responses

  1. Dihael Prins says:

    For sure the one with Bad Peter!

  2. Stefanie Kruger says:

    MONARK! my favourite!

  3. Re says:

    I hate to bearer of bad news, however everybody who does not think the best Park Acoustics of the past year was February edition with Tidal Waves and aKing are wrong! That month’s line-up just simple had it all, absolute perfection.

    Yo Nelson sorta unrelated, perhaps you could inform us to what happened to the Cabin Fever Dance Floor supposedly only happening every two months (which sucked!) to not happening at all this year?? Now every second months doesn’t sound so bad.

  4. Claire Nortje says:

    My absolute favourite this year was the 26 June 2016 with Short Straw, Early Hours and the great Bad Peter.
    the vibe was AMAZING, the company was GREAT and the drinks were COLD. We laughed and chatted and made met a bunch of fabulous people… we try attend every show, so it would be great to get a ticket or two one the house this time, hehe.

  5. Annemarie says:

    22 May 2016! Springbok Nude Girls! My fave day from this year so far!!
    Springbok Nude Girls was the first band I saw live when I moved back to SA after highschool, I had no idea who they were and I immediately fell in love!!
    Park acoustics that day was so amazing for so many reasons…My bestie broke my one slop and I walked around kaalvoet for the rest of the day. We smashed the bar’s tequila stock and made many many new friends as well as running into some I haven’t seen in yonks and yonks.
    And of course…..BUBBLEGUM ON MY BOOTS….with the crowd jumping up and down singing along. LOVED LOVED LOVED it!!
    Can’t wait for this one and then definitely every single one of2017!!!

  6. Quinton Dos Santos says:

    My best Park Acoustic this year was the June edition! What an awesome day with great people! The day was a dual celebration with Mary leaving for Europe and Toni-Leigh;s birthday! Not to mention the great SA acts – my favorite band this year Bad Peter and the always rocking Shortstraw!

  7. Tiaan says:


    I have been a superfan of hers for more than 10 years and Park Acoustics has become such an integral part of who I am, and it always blew my mind why she is NEVER on the line up. So finally getting to see my hero perform at my ‘church’ just made my entire year completely great!

  8. Lucy Munro says:

    I believe the best will be saved for last…Park Acoustics November 2016 promises to be far from disappointing!!!

    Rising to the 360° view of Pretoria from the Voortrekker Monument and being greeted by the sunny South African skies and great local music we can be assured of an epic day!

    The GREATEST LOVE will flow from MAJOZI as he gets us warmed up with his FIRE! DARLING, this will not be OUR LAST GOODBYE!

    Words cannot describe what BOMBSHELTER BEAST’s music can do! These maverick musicians with their jazzy, kwaito, house, hip-hop feel is a must to be experienced in person!


    As the day draws on, DESMOND AND THE TUTU’S will give us our fix of PRETORIA GIRLS while we get on our CAR GUARD TANS! Don’t be a LAZY BONES or the BOOGIE MAN will get you!

    We will turn our FACES TO THE SUN as MANGO GROOVE takes us for some MOMENTS AWAY to DANCE SOME MORE at the SOUTHERN COMFORT MUSIC STAGE until the SPECIAL STARs that shine come out to signal the end of a marvellous day!

    Bring on the 26th of November!!!

  9. Alexandra Howard says:

    I’m proud to have the Park Acoustics poster of the 26th of June in my office every day! Dancing to Hot Water and Bad Peter under the African sun with friends was almost as fun as taking selfies and shots with Veranda Panda! 😉 Please let this Park Acoustics groupie end off her shitty year on a high note with the best line up of 2016 yet!

  10. Liza says:

    I have not been able to go this year and I know this will be the most epic Park Acoustics for the year. It is also the last day my in-laws are visiting from the Eastern Cape and this would be the coolest experience to show them how we rock it out in Pretoria.

  11. S Jones says:

    The best 2016 one for me will be the 26 November one…’cos it will be my first….! And to top it all WONDERboom is playing!

  12. Sarah Newman says:

    The best Park Acoustics of 2016 was, hands down, the August edition. It showcased some of South Africa’s very best, including my very most favourite local act, New Academics. They blew us away with their usual outstanding performance, keeping things upbeat enough for some good rocking out but chilled enough for a Sunday afternoon. Right up there with them on the ‘local favourites’ list is BOO! so I got a double dose of favourites that day. Chris Chameleon always makes everything feel like it’s going to be okay, and goodness knows we need that around here. It’s always a treat to watch him throw down on that bass, coupled with his wonderful theatrics. The day also goes down in history as the day BOO! performed an encore (which never happens) – one for the books in my opinion. That day was a winner and I hope to be one too…

  13. Lize du Plooy says:

    The best one for me was with Karen Zoid – 31 July. I got to take my best friend – my sister to see her favourite artist. We had the best time and became even closer. We sang along with every song arms around each other, I won’t exchange that memory for anything in the world.

  14. Annabelle Kaboyo-Kisoro says:

    Best Parks Acoustics marked the return of my future baby daddy, Matthew Mole! It was the best start of 2016! I’d love to end off this year with the special Griet Stage dancing away my woes with my friends!

  15. Rico Ribeiro says:

    I’ve missed all of them , I really don’t wanna miss this one ☝️ pretty please hahaha

  16. Craig Sloane says:

    Definitely the one in June with Early Hours and Hot Water! Had recently gotten back from a long trip away from home and it was the perfect way to catch up with all my friends. Early hours were incredible and Hot Water were as entertaining as ever. Schalk Bezuidenhout was an extra bonus and was absolutely hilarious.

  17. Corné de Wet says:

    My favorite park acoustics of 2016 was with Black Cat Bones headlining! Why? Cause it’s always a good time to headbang and they always put on one hell of a show! We had the greatest time drinking beer and rocking out

  18. Samantha says:

    The BEST one was most definitely with BOO and Nomadic Orchestra. AMAZING! BEST!!

  19. Roxzann Bester says:

    The best one for me would be Park Acoustics in association with Jack Daniels presents Matthew Mole, Monark, Josh Kempen & many more on 31 Jan 2016 ! it Was just such a fabulous day with friends and singing in the crowd on not to forget the sunburn #burntpinkfordays and it would be so cool to end the year off properly before we stat another new amazing one 😀

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