The Very Wicked, are soooo very wickedly cool and will be jamming Park Acoustics this weekend!!!

The Very Wicked - Park Acoustics - 27th July - Mixed Apples interview

This weekend sees our favourite event bringing the heat, as they always do!! One of the awesome bands on the line-up is the talented 5-piece psychedelic rock n roll band from Cape Town, called THE VERY WICKED!! We caught up with them for a short chat, this is what went down:


The Very Wicked - Park Acoustics - 27th July - Mixed Apples interview

MA: Hey there, how you doing? Its awesome to be chatting to you!!

Hi. Yeah, pretty good. Just trying to fight off some flu I caught at the Grahamstown Festival. But otherwise, pretty good yes.

MA: Before we get started, do you mind introducing yourself and giving us a short background on how you all got started in music and where you guys met to form The Very Wicked?

The Very Wicked is a 5 piece psychedelic rock n roll band from Cape Town.
The initial stages of the band came into form late 2011 when Lucas and my other band, Pretty Blue Guns, decided to go on hiatus. We spent some time putting together a band, writing, recording & played our first show just under 2 years back.

MA: Would you mind introducing the band and telling us who plays what, in the band?

Andre Leo – Vocals/guitar
Lucas Swart – Vocals/guitar
Lucy Kruger – Vocals/keys
Calvin Siderfin – Bass/percussion
Werner Von Waltsleben – Drums

MA: How would you describe your style of music that you make?

Psychedelic Rock n Roll is the most compact way to put it, I think. But there’s a lot of stuff in there – shoegaze, blues, noise…

MA: What would you say have been some inspirations to your musical journey thus far?

Playing alongside amazing local and international bands. The psych ‘scene’ (for lack of a better word) is a very real, down to earth, thing. Bands really do support each other and there is a great level of respect going ‘round in there.

The Very Wicked - Park Acoustics - 27th July - Mixed Apples interview
MA: You come from Cape Town, as far as I know… Do you take any inspirations from the beauty of the Mother City??

I don’t think you can help your surroundings slipping into your music.
There’s definitely some of Her all over the music.

MA: The local music scene has been growing in leaps over the last few years, what has you most excited about how things are progressing in SA? 

More bands are just doing what they want & not trying to make the Highveld top 20, or whatever. It’s great to see more bands venturing overseas. I think that’s pretty exciting.

MA: Who are some of the local bands that you love to listen to when you have the chance?

Too many to name.  At the moment I have Bilderberg Motel’s debut LP, ‘Lorien’, on my turntable.

MA: You will be playing Park Acoustics for the first time at the end of this month… are you excited for this? What can we expect from you guys at that gig?

Very excited. It’s always a bit weird for us playing in the day, but we’re just gonna do what we do – make a noise.

Park Acoustics - 27th July - Dan Patlansky, Southern Gypsey Queen & more...
MA: Can you give us a few of your career highlights thus far?

Playing with the Night Beats on their SA tour comes to mind.

MA: Are there any other projects that you are working on that we might be interested in hearing about?

Lucy & I have started up a duo called ‘Medicine Boy’. We’ll be recording an EP when we get back from Joburg and doing a tour through SA in September.

Lucy has a solo project & the rest of The Very Wicked make up her band, The Lost Boys.
An EP ‘Lucy Kruger & The Lost Boys’ was released on her Bandcamp last month.

Werner is a session drummer for many great artists.

MA: Where can we follow you on social media?

MA: Lastly, whats the funniest thing that has happened to you guys on tour??

This will be our first proper tour actually. On a Pretty Blue Guns tour a couple of years back, Lucas and the rest freaked me right the fuck our with the ‘Hello Peter’ site. They didn’t explain until months later. They still find that extremely funny.

MA: Thank you so much for your time…

LISTEN: The Very Wicked – You’re The Everything In Us

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  1. Lucas Swart says:

    The site was actually Peter Answers, not Hello Peter.
    and it was ridiculously funny. Poor Andre.

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