The Street Series 2014 – BMX on another level

The Street Series 2014 - BMX on another level The Street Series is a BMX competition brought to us in association with DUB Magazine, Monster Energy and The Riot. BMX in South Africa is such a hidden “GEM” to so many of us, even though it is more than a guarantee that everyone would fall in love with freestyle BMX if watched live. The Street Series is a comp that is hitting SA this February, with round 1 in Cape Town. The idea behind this is simple, get down to the Cape Town Civic Centre on the 16th of February and do your best to shred the street lines that they have mapped out for the comp. This is a four round competition, giving our local riders something to  look forward to.

The Street Series 2014 - BMX on another level

BMX in South Africa has been getting such amazing exposure lately, which is in most part of a true gent by the name of Greg Illingworth. Greg is a South African freestyle BMX rider that is making some serious waves all over the world. He is touring all over with his many sponsors and team members, whilst trying to put SA on the BMX map. He is the man behind The Riot BMX, who are one of the brands involved with The Street Series, a local BMX brand that hopes to bring the local scene all exposure it deserves!

Have a look at this short little interview that The Street Series had with Greg Illingworth:

More on this comp coming up on Mixed Apples in the next month…

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