The MFA Experience – Who is KMS Styles?


With the MFA Experience just a few days away, we have been getting to know a few of the role players involved in this movement. This time round we got to know a little bit more about KMS Styles. KMS Styles is made up of a trio of ladies who all have a passion for fashion and style. With their experience, they aim to empower designers and fashionistas by assisting them with them business and marketing side of things. Too often we see extremely talented individuals struggling to make sense of their label or ranges, this is where KMS Styles would step in.. We had the opportunity to chat to them and find out how their concept works, this is how it went down…

MA: Please introduce yourselves to us and tell us a little bit more about KMS Styles

KMS styles is a lifestyle brand, founded by 3 passionate individuals, namely Maxine Mmadiepela Mogale, Kwanda Kulu and Raye Sekolo Mogale. Maxine and Raye are sisters who grew up in Atteridgeville and Kwanda a friend who hails from Eastern Cape. We met while working for a retail company and that’s were our love for style grew. We all have different styles, Maxine down to earth but firmly believes in standing out, Raye loves taking risks and feeling comfortable in anything she wears, Kwanda loves trying out a bit of everything and she believes in personal style as fashion comes and goes.

All three personalities combined led to the birth of KMS styles. Our mission is to create a business platform for designers in Sales,          Marketing and Business management. We all have experience working for an international brand Maxine in Finance, Raye in Marketing      and Kwanda in Sales. We’ve identified a gap in the fashion industry were most designers have the skill but don’t have much experience    in the business side.

MA: Where did you come up with the name for your concept?

KMS is an abbreviation for the names of the founding members. Kwanda Mmadiepela Sekolo. We choose our names because we             wanted to add a personal touch to the brand.


MA: How do you plan to benefit from your involvement with the MFA Experience?

MFA experience is the first of it’s kind in the community of Atteridgeville. This event will give exposure to the hidden talent that is within our communities. KMS will benefit immensely from this event as it will give us a platform to introduce the brand to designers and the community at     large.We will be able to engage with different designers and advice were we can with the experience that we have. We really hoping to       encourage the designers, show them that their skill is their business.  We will also engage with different people that will be at the event to encourage them to wear local brands and support their brothers and sisters. All big brands today started with people around them believing and supporting their dream.

MA: What can we expect from your presence at the MFA Experience?

People can expect to be blown away by the different styles that will be on offer. We not just about fashion but we bring style and advice   to designers and their clients. “Style is a way to say who you are without having to speak.” We believe in this statement and this what       people can expect from KMS styles.

MA: How can people get in touch with you?

People can get hold of us on our email

Our numbers are:

Maxine 082 930 2410

Raye  078 828 1776

Kwanda 073 176 8681

Facebook : KMS styles

Instagram: kms_styles_14


Be sure to get down to the first ever MFA Experience on 15 December, It promises to be an enlightening and empowering space that you can enjoy with good food, good vibes and good friends!

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