The era of the true musician


What does it take to be a DJ in this modern world, run by technology? To be honest, not a whole lot.  In the era of vinyl it was all about the tracks you managed to buy, borrow or steal that set you apart from the rest. Yes, being able to pitch match and mix the tracks are vital, but if you don’t have the hottest material on vinyl you start to eat the dust of the leading pack. I remember following certain DJ’s just to hear a single song, a song that nobody else had. Nowadays the power of the Internet has eliminated this aspect, therefore putting more emphasis on how well you use your equipment. More and more artists are incorporating things like effect pads, controllers, synths and LIVE instruments or vocalists to their performance. The way I see it is, that because it has become so simple to get your hands on the latest music, the artists that really want to make it are upping their game by adding something different in the mix. My favorite of the elements being used to spice up a performance has to be that of LIVE instruments, that of  TRUE MUSICIANS……

Live band

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