The Blues Cruise: Wolfgang Marrow

The Blues Cruise: Wolfgang Marrow


Come and live life on the water, singing the Blues under enchanting clear skies on the Mojo Rising Blues Cruise. Kids under 18 sail for free and tickets start at R4 545,00 – visit for bookings. Make sure to select the BLUES CRUISE option when making your booking!

Pay Deposit of R3000 only!
Final payment is required no later that 60 days before departure.

Make sure to select the BLUES CRUISE option when making your booking!

Interview: Wolfgang Marrow

The Blues Cruise: Wolfgang Marrow: Credit-Madre-Vermeulen
Photo Credit: Madre Vermeulen
MA: Do you mind starting with a quick 101 on who Wolfgang Marrow is? Where in SA are you from and how did you get started in the music scene?

Wolfgang Marrow started out as a two-piece outfit consisting out of Louwki Cronje and Sandy Little. We played small bars in Bloem and learnt how to hold down a tune and a tequila while shaping our teen angst and deep penchant for all things dirty / bluesy and honest. After tracking our 1st album, “Bad Advice”, we realized that we needed a rhythm section and that’s how we’ve come to sit with our awkward, yet brilliant family of miscreants, enter Benjamin van Wyk on bass and Bernard “Tiekie” Britz on drums.

We have now all relocated to Gauteng and much of our new album “Small Town Ghosts” is about the anxiety and disillusionment involved in changing spaces, trading hills for highways, and all the fun grownup rubbish that goes along with putting on your “big boy” pants.

MA: What are some of your musical influences, individually and/or as a band?

We all have our favourite bands, but as song-writers I would have to say that we draw inspiration from both local and international acts, such as Left Lane Cruiser , Blind Lemon Jefferson , Shovels and Rope , The Pixies , The Black Cat Bones , The Cottonfields (Port Elizabeth) and Band of Skulls, to name a few.

The Blues Cruise: Wolfgang Marrow

MA: Do you have any major highlights in your musical career thus far?

As for highlights, we hold a very special place in our hearts for smaller local events where one is allowed the luxury of intimacy with your audience, and in our humble uninformed opinions we tend to thrive in the seedy bars with at least one carpet stain and three nonworking celling fans. But to list off the usual parade of events: Mieliepop, STRAB, Park acoustics, Oppikoppi, any show we ever had at The Good Luck Bar back in the good old days of Nicol and Gareth. But I think accolades in the world of a strange, small blues band, will vastly differ to professional acts …we are mostly excited by the idea of cheap beer and good mates.

MA: What are your thoughts of our local music scene at the moment?

The local music scene…a loaded dangerous topic – why do some bands thrive and others resign themselves to the hand out of scraps when both bands are equally great? There is no secret formula, we live in a tough time for local music, with limited help form Radio and T.V., and the few die hard cats who make festivals and events often run at a loss on their own behalf. We have to go to the shows, we have to pay door, we must buy the albums , and this goes for musicians as well… We need to support each other in order to survive this modern-day drought, because it is not for lack of talent and hard work! We have such amazing bands in South Africa, look at Femi Koya or Fuzigish, those are world class acts and we are super blessed to be able to see them make their magic happen on stage!

MA: Any acts/bands/artists that you think need a special mention?

Special mention to our homies, the BloemBillies a.k.a. Down South, a dirty duo of twins who hand craft most of their own instruments and put the moan in the mouth of that crawling king snake! These gents would give any delta band from America a run for their money …doesn’t hurt either that they are some of the nicest kids in the world! And of course, we must mention Safety First, a duo of vicious lyricists that challenge the system with their remarkable song writing abilities and insanely well-crafted lyrics presented in a folk punk package that is both easy on the eyes and brilliant to behold. Bloem will always be a secret factory for musicians!

The Blues Cruise: Wolfgang Marrow

You will be playing at the very first Blues Cruise next year, alongside some of the coolest local blues bands in SA. Is this something you guys are excited about?

We are still in disbelief at the fact that we were invited to play on the Mojo Rising – it’s a kind of “pinch yourself” moment for us. Four ne’er-do-wells allowed amongst polite company on a dam fancy boat, there isn’t one aspect of this cruise that we are not childishly excited about!

MA: What does this say about the talent we have in the blues music scene in SA? This dedicated boat cruise is testament to the epicness of the scene 😀

There is a deep love for blues in South Africa. I think it’s because it’s a relatable genre that echoes hints of misery and anarchy – something all South Africans can lament in our die-hard gumption and willingness to embrace our emotions. We are fervently excited about getting to share a stage with some of the most hero-worship worthy acts in S.A… and to have that all on a frikken boat, that is better than getting lucky on the horses on Christmas day while your dog plays the trombone!

MA: What are you most excited for regarding this Blues Cruise?

We are mostly excited about watching our favourite acts… but Kobus (The Black Cat Bones) and I (Sandy) also have plans of wearing eye patches and drinking rum together in a pool on deck while all our miseries float off into the distance…we might be taking the pirate theme a little far but what do you expect from a bunch of art kids?

MA: Anything else you currently working on that we may be interested in?

We just finished tracking our new album “Small Town Ghosts”. While its being mixed and mastered we are working on videos and release dates … by the time this article appears we should pretty much be ready to  launch our chaos upon our friends and fans!

MA: Where can people follow you on Social Media?

Follow our dramatics and shenanigans on:

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