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Sterra Lucas

So the aim behind adding the featured artist post to my blog was to introduce artists that you might be unfamiliar with. It’s where I promote people I believe

in and, in this case, it’s purely that. I am a huge admirer of LIVE elements in the house/dance scene, where LIVE instruments add to the experience. Here is a closer look at an am

azing percussionist that I work pretty closely with.
Name: Sterra Lucas

Music Style: Jazz, Deep House, Tech House, Funky House, Electro House


Sterra has been influenced by music from a very young age, knowing that his place in life would be to entertain an audience. As a young man, Sterra worked multiple jobs and very long hours, saving up until he was able to purchase a microphone, stand and drum(djembe)

With these tools, he was able to pursue his dreams and try making his mark on the South African club scene. Initially performing for free, as all musicians start their careers, he was eventually discovered by Natural Groove (best club in Jo’burg according to Sterra), where they asked him to be a resident performer.

Sterra’s musical interests and skills didn’t stop there, with him being the lead vocalist of a band called, Vibe Circle, as well as playing backing instruments for Sofasonke youth club. Sterra also has a deep connection with radio and being a radio personality. This all started with his involvement as content producer, music compiler and news editor for Trans Africa Radio, which can be found on channel 23 on the DSTV audio bouquet.

He is currently working on new radio shows, so be sure to keep tabs on this extremely talented individual.

Sterra is also a big fan of working with like-minded people, especially LIVE musicians and producers. You can often find him playing alongside LIVE saxophonists and all around the country, performing at all the major dance events and festivals.

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