SIGNATURE 006 _ A night to celebrate Just Move Records

Signature 006

On the 29th of June KITI Housekeepers will be showcasing Just Move Records for a night that will be deemed, pure bliss. Initiating our quarterly deephouse event, “Label Night”, which is dedicating the night towards production labels in the deephouse scene, starting with the amazing label Just Move Records,  run by Nuno Estevez and Mig Madiq. Its plain and simple, we are doing what we love together as one. We can assure you that our approach will be advocated towards producing a great experience. 

Keep checking out our Facebook page, this description, for any info posted in the event bloq for any initiatives we layout☺


Performing Artists

Nuno Estevez (Just Move Records)
Renato Rodriguez (KITI Records)
Mig Madiq (Just Move Records)
Tinhaus (KITI Records)

Be U-Niche
R80 @ the door only
8pm till when you leave



If you were unaware of this, we did a interview with Just Move Records a little while ago, here is the link if you missed it: 

A message from Just Move Records:

A night to celebrate Just Move Records

The folks at Kiti Housekeepers have dedicated their latest Signature Event to our movement. – Music In Motion

Signature is an initiative by Kiti Housekeepers, to showcase local and international talent with a night dedicated to their guests. Their most recent “Signature 5” held at MiHouse, showcased the talented Brazilian international Duo – Flow and Zeo, with an overwhelming response from their ever growing following. Another great act featured, was the gifted Jullian Gomes at their 4th Encounter.

With this said, its an exciting time for the label with many top quality episodes in the pipeline and a lot of interest around our most recent releases. JMR005:JMR006:JMR007

The 29th of June 2013 will be a night to celebrate House Music and the coming together of two brands with a similar direction and love.

BE a part of the Just Move records video to be shot on the night.

Signature006 – Just Move Records – RSVP 

If you like what the label is about, you can follow us on Twitter @JustMoveRecords and also visit our website at

JMR008-Tonic-HD-TimeTheir latest EP JMR008 will be released on the 3rd July, and consists of these tracks:

*Tonic HD – Time (original mix)
*Tonic HD – Far (original mix)
*Tonic HD – Free People (original mix)

We had had a listen to the EP and its a GEM.. Its the pure, smooth sound that we have come to expect from their production and certainly something you will be jamming to for a long time. I wont give you much more about it, rather wait till the 3rd to download it for yourself…

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