Sew It Seams _ Fashion Week review

Eliza Ioannou, Joel Jansen van Vuuren and Felicty Spies

Sew it seams that SA fashion week has come and gone and I got to experience it from the front row with Egality as their new Assistant Buyer.  It’s amazing how different the industry appears when you are experiencing it from this view.  I definitely had a few favourites from the week such as Clive Rundle, Joel Jansen van Vuuren, Anmari Honiball and Tiaan Nagel just to name a few.

clive rundles _ sew it seams Clive Rundle’s show consisted of an amazing installation, whereby models would walk up on stage and either stand or sit on a chair, whilst having photographs taken, which were projected onto a screen behind them.  In the background there was a male voice asking the audience what they see, as if we were looking at inkblots.  The whole experience showed off his ability as an artist and an amazing fashion designer, and I left feeling inspired.

Joel Jansen van Juurens _ sew it seamsJoel Jasen van Juurens’ collection was incredibly breathtaking, with his signature unique dying techniques taken to another level using the Shibori dye technique, and combining this with beautifully unique patchwork.  He was inspired by a quilt his mother made for him when he was a child, which he used to hold over his head and with the light shining through it, created an illuminating stained glass effect.  The collection had an essence of an old work traveller, using tones of ivory, veld, slate and sky.  His inspiration was evident in his collection and I am proud to say that he is available exclusively at Egality.

Anmari Honiball _ sew it seamsAnother one of Egality’s amazing designers was Anmari Honiball, who won the Lufthansa Best Collections competition.  Her collection was inspired by the movement, fragility and colours of moths.  Striking iridescent patches of fabric seamed trapped under layers of an amazing combination of sheer fabrics, which created such a beautiful movement in each piece.  There was a hint of a sporty feel throughout the collection too, with a solid metallic piece peeping through every now and then, and a mini visor to complete the look.

Overall fashion week was a great experience, South Africa really and truly has some amazingly talented designers, and I feel proud to say that I am a part of this industry.

*Sew it Seams


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