ROUGE Releases New Single SHEBA NGWAN O’

ROUGE Releases New Single SHEBA NGWAN O’ - Mixed Apples

Today sees the release of a brand new single by ROUGE, entitled SHEBA NGWAN O’ (which means ‘Look At Her’), through The David Gresham Record Company. The single comes after the release of her previous single Mbongo Zaka, which has topped more than 5 charts across the country and was play listed in several countries including Ghana and the DRC. The music video for the single also trended in Nigeria.

The song was written by ROUGE a while ago, and “Sheba Ngwan O’” was a chant at her high school the kids used to say during athletics when a girl was doing well in her race.

“Sheba Ngwan O’ is about not being afraid to make moves which will bring focus to you. Fitting in is boring. Anyone who wants to do something with their live, will be able to identify with the song.”

She describes the a relaxed song – something you can listen to everyday and which speaks about being a difference in the world.

“I’m very proud of the song because I feel that it’s a breath of fresh air. I feel Hip Hop needed a different element to it and I was trying to bring that out. A difference.”

Buy SHEBA NGWAN O’ here on iTunes!

ROUGE’s debut album is set for release in September 2016.

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