Rico Ribeiro, the man behind Evals BMX, chats BMX with us…

ricoThe time is getting super close now, so you should be excited about seeing some mad ish going down at the PHD Dirt Jam on Sunday. We caught up with Rico Ribeiro, a true gent and the man behind the online BMX company called Evals BMX, this is what he had to say about the event this weekend:

-Tell us about your journey to where you are today, a little bit of background on how you began riding BMX?

I honestly don’t think there is enough time or ink to share my journey thus far, but one thing is for sure, where I am today is where I need to be hahahaha
I began riding to escape, focus on something positive and most importantly cause it was FUN! When I started learning tricks and jumping dirt all I could think of day and night was riding my bike, nothing else mattered!! When ever life had a downhill patch, bmx would always get me back on top!

-What has influenced you over the years to keep pushing and progressing?

The thing that keeps me pushing and progressing is the ultimate stoked feeling I get when I ride my bike. The feeling is hard to describe but when you get something you’ve worked so hard for and felt so far away from achieving, you eventually land it and it is a great feeling!

You feel AMAZING… that feeling alone is what keeps me progressing..


-Its said that every rider has their own style and reason for why they ride, do you see it like that?

Riding is a way of expression, possibilities are limitless, every rider that has influenced me has always done his own thing. I ride for the feeling not for the most popular tricks or what’s cool…I thank all the gents i roll with for that!!!

-What kind of rider to you consider yourself as?

I ride everything from flat ground, street, park and trails… I try not stick to one discipline and instead make the most of any sesh!!

-What has you most excited about our local riders and how the sport is progressing to heights never seen before in South Africa?

Our local riders are INSANE, these gents ride at such a hectic level!! People don’t understand that SA level is so good and the riders have never had proper training facilities, they learned everything the good old hard way. If our gents had facilities like overseas I guarantee we would be one of the most competitive countries in the world!!

Greg Illingworth has definitely  given major drive to the riders in SA, showing them that they to can make it!

Its only a matter of time before more gents join Gregg and show the world how SA gents roll


-You seem to be one of those very people that are working hard at pushing the scene. Tell us a little bit more about your company Evals BMX…rico

Evals Bmx was a solution to making the most of my life and “chasing the dream”. I’ve met the most amazing people through riding bmx… All the magical trips and moments made me realize we have amazing talent in this country and sometimes all they need is a lil help…Evals hopes to be that lil help…

– To date, what has been your best achievement as a rider?

I never in my wildest dreams imagined riding the way I ride today, so I guess just being able to ride and share awesome moments with true gents!!

-This weekend is the PHD Dirt Jam and you are one of the sponsors, are you excited about it?

PHD jam was suppose to be a small fun jam and when we all got involved we realized we could do something really awesome… Now we have many people involved wanting the same thing, a chance to have fun and to roll with all the gents!!


-What little treat could be waiting for the lucky rider at the jam? hahaha

PHD waz never about the prizes or money, it was about getting all the gents together for a fun day of riding and pushing each other to progress. Non-the-less, there will be exciting goodies for the gents to remember for ever!!

rico-Being in the scene for many years, what needs to happen for it to keep growing?

I’ve probably been in the scene the least amount of time, since I started riding so late. I think riders need to unite and enjoy riding there bike because it feels good and not cause it looks good!! At the end of the day , we all love our little bicycles.

-Is there anyone that you wish to thank for what you have achieved thus far?rico

My family, they always got my back and all the people who believe in me, you know who you are!

-Where do you see yourselves in 5 years time?

I’m not sure what’s happening tomorrow but im gonna make the most of today! Healthy and Happy having a sesh with my lil gent.

-Where can people follow you?

Evals Bmx on FB or @EvalsBmx on twitter

-Lastly, if you could have a sesh with any 3 riders in the world, who would they be?

I love riding with my friends, they make me the most amped!! I cant wait to ride with Kyle aka Zandy again.

ricoEvent flyer: https://www.facebook.com/events/124431894425559/?fref=ts




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