Q&A with Fallen Heroes for Tattoo-a-thon 2013



It is the day before Tattoo-a-Thon 2013 and we got to chat to the guys at Fallen Heroes, asking them a few off the cuff questions on this worthy initiative. This is how it went…

  • How did Fallen Heroes get involved with this amazing initiative?

Polka trash eagle by Fallen HeroesIn 2012 we were approached by founder of Tattoo-a-thon, Jordan Grey, where he explained that they had 9 studios in Cape Town participating in the first ever Tattoo-a-thon and needed representation in JHB – so we hopped on! Together we raised R70K for CHOC and soon after started arranging the nationwide event for the following year. Jordan appointed us as the Gauteng coordinators and we set to work, enlisting another 12 studios in JHB and PTA. Next stop – An international event!

  • Do you see it possible for the Tattoo-a-thon 2013 to break the world record of people being tattooed at once?

Well, all the tattoo studios in JHB are fully booked, we have 54 bookings in our studio alone with all 5 our tattoo artists. I don’t know what the current record is, but nationwide I would estimate we will get close to at least 1000 tattoos for the day!Sugar Skull by Fallen Heroes

  • We have read that DJ Fresh and Catherine from 5fm will be getting a tattoos done by you guys, are you expecting any other celebs on Friday?

Yes we are expecting Catherine and Fresh tomorrow, as well as Kahn, lead singer of the Parlotones.

  • What is Fallen Heroes target of tattoos for the Tattoo-a-thon?

Just at our studio alone, we hope to raise R30 000.00. The target is R500K Nationwide, so if you do the math, even half of the projected R30K x 35 studios, will bring us to our target! CHOC have a wish list of what they need to do with their budget – I say build them an amusement park! πŸ™‚

With these encouraging words from Jen at Fallen Heroes, South Africa are very much on course to raising half a million Rand for CHOC. Something Jordan Grey and everyone else involved should be commended for!

Well done to all and especially to our affiliates and good friends at Fallen Heroes.

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