Protest The Hero – Not Your Average Metal Band Interview:


Protest The Hero - Harbor Antics

Protest The Hero – Harbor Antics

We exactly a month away from the biggest and heaviest Metal Fest to hit our shores namely, Krank’d Up Music Festival. So on that note we spear ahead with a monstrously epic interview with the Mind-Blowingly yet isanely awesome Protest The Hero!!!

Here’s how it went down:

I would just like to start off to say… Holy Hardcore Hill-Billy Hill-Goats!!! What an honour and privilege it is to be able to interview one of the best in progressive and mathcore metal scene and on that note, a very warm welcome from Mixed Apples Media Blog/Online Magazine.

Answered by Tim MacMillar (Guitarist)

Protest The Hero - The Band

Protest The Hero – The Band

  1. First off I have been waiting so long to ask this to you guys, what made you decide to come to South Africa? Sub Question: Did any of the bands that you previously toured with, which have been to South Africa, influence your decision to come?

We are always looking to play in new places and we’ve heard that South Africa has a thriving scene. We want to go places that other bands neglect as well as continue to grow our fan base so we are really open to anything. We didn’t get tipped off by any bands that it was the place to go, but I’m sure we’ll be the band telling others that we tour with that they have to go play there after this trip.

  1. Have you heard good things about the fan base for metal and music in general in South Africa? Sub Question: does that make you even more excited in coming to South Africa and melting some faces while here?

From what we heard there’s a good scene in SA and it’s a big country so we wish we could do some more shows, but playing somewhere the first time is always the test. If it’s a crazy show that makes it even more likely for us to prioritize coming back as soon as we can.

  1. What made you guys want to be a band or be part of the music industry?

We never had any expectations of this band and as we kept going we just kind of took it in stride. When we went from a local band to a band that was touring and realized you can make a career as a musician we are now doing everything we can to maintain that, because I love the lifestyle and freedom.

Protest The Hero  Goofing Off

Protest The Hero Goofing Off

  1. Why did you choose Metal as your genre, is there perhaps any other genres that influence your unique sound?

We started out as a punk band and emulating the bands we listened to at the time. At some point, we all wanted to become better musicians and it seemed like metal music was the perfect place to hone your skill and still play fast and heavy. However, when I’m home from tour, I don’t listen to a lot of metal, I like all genres including jazz and classical that maybe sneak their way into our songs somewhere.

  1. Seeing that America and Britain are the superpowers of metal and Hard Rock, did that influence you guys in anyway growing up and growing as a band coming from Canada?

I never really think of a geographic area as the reason you are influenced by certain bands, but I guess that’s the easiest way to be exposed to music. With the internet, it’s easy to find music you like being made anywhere in the world. The biggest influence is usually bands that you tour with and watching bands that are bigger than you and what they do and how they do it. 

  1. You have toured with the best live acts from the metal/alternative/rock scene, have any of those bands inspired you to do things differently on tour or influenced you some way in your music?

Looks like I was getting ahead of myself with the last question. For sure, it’s so important to learn from people that are successful and try to learn what they are doing differently than you. Also, when you have the fortune on being on tour with a really good player/performer, it’s crucial to watch them and see what they are doing to captivate the audience.

Protest The Hero having a good time (car-bar)

Protest The Hero having a good time (car-bar)

  1. This question is for Luke Hoskin: Luke in 2007 you got detained at the Canadan/US Border for possession of the Marijuana aka Devils Lettuce, were you arrested at all or was it seen as a minor felony, what exactly happened? (We are totally pro-smoke here at Mixed Apples) 😛

I’ll answer for Luke if that’s alright. This was an incident that  was something that turned into a huge setback for something so silly. I won’t get into the details, but he wasn’t arrested, originally we were stopped at the border and thoroughly searched and issued a fine. Months later when we were crossing again a flag came up and they stopped Luke from crossing then, which in the middle of a tour was a pretty big issue. He had to get a lawyer and get issued a pardon and it’s still something that he has to carry documentation with when we cross into the States in case there are any questions. Remember this is all from 0.1 grams of “Devil’s Lettuce” and is a pretty big pain in the dick for him and all of us when crossing that border now.

  1. This question connects with the previous one. Are you guys always up for a good time and partying like there is no tomorrow? The reason I ask is because we as South Africans are renowned to party like rock stars and are sure as Hell ready to show you an epic good time.

We are always up for partying and enjoying ourselves in a new place. That’s the best way to make friends and meet people from a new place. Another way to make a place memorable is how great their parties are!

Protest The Hero - Volition Album Cover

Protest The Hero – Volition Album Cover

  1.  With your latest album you had to get a new drummer in the form of the epic Lamb of God’s Chris Adler. How did that relationship or connection happen?

Our manager works with Lamb of God so it was easy to get in touch. We knew Chris liked the band, had a little down time with all the Randy issues so he was the first guy we approached and he was into it. It was really that easy and we were lucky that it worked out this way. It was great having Chris play on the record.

  1. What is your plan for after this tour, new material, new album or going on a break/hiatus?

We are touring until the end of the year, and then hopefully slowing down tour wise so we can work on some new material. We have some new members so I’m looking forward to writing with them and we hope that PTH is stronger than ever and should continue to be very active and busy.

Protest The Hero - Volition - Vulture - Album Cover

Protest The Hero – Volition – Vulture – Album Cover

 It was seriously an honour to have had this Chat with you guys, all the best for the tour and all the things going for you guys. Enjoy South Africa 😀

Thanks for taking the time to spread the word about PTH and hyping people up for Krank’d Up. It’s going to be a definite highlight of the year!

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