PEDRO BARBOSA - Debut Solo Album _ REBORNDebut solo album symbolises a coming-of-age for PEDRO BARBOSA

Mozambique-born PEDRO BARBOSA is no stranger to the South African music scene. The Pretoria-based frontman became a household name performing as singer-songwriter for Mrs B and the eponymous The Barbosa Experience, churning out blends of flamenco-inspired roots rock on the stages of venues and festivals, like STRAB and Mieliepop.

’s essence lies in the connection with his audience – his big personality, loud voice and fun-loving nature fuels this connection, and is what he thrives on to produce a memorable experience, show after show. His charming character has evolved exponentially, and naturally, this progression of character craved individual accomplishment in a musical sense: “I wanted to take it to the next level and record something true to myself – something I enjoyed and could be proud of. The thought of this was something I feared for a long time, as I primarily only appealed to a rock-oriented market.”

Barbosa took the leap and channeled this desire by embarking on recording his first solo album. The recording process spawned a new beginning and symbolises a coming-of-age: “I felt the need to do more for myself musically, and that was what first triggered this album. Reborn was basically like a cleansing title for me. I’m starting afresh and I’m ready for life more than ever.”

Barbosa commissioned SAMA winner and renowned producer, Mark Beling, to produce and mix the album. The result is a fusion of urban-acoustic grooves and ballads steeped in soul and pop-rock that morphs into a catchy yet compelling nine-track album. Not only was Beling fundamental to the overarching sound of the album, he was also influential to Barbosa’s self-discovery during this time: “We connected a lot during the recording process; he was like a pillar during that period and he became a good friend of mine.” 

Barbosa has already turned heads with release of the official music video for Crazy Love Is – the seventh track on REBORN. Produced by Dapper Media, the video is a four-minute portrayal of a whole-hearted composition that perfectly captures Barbosa’s intensity and vocal vehemence. Like snapshots into his psyche, a woman and a man levitate in parallel dimensions, while scenes of Barbosa singing in a dim-lit room bring the viewer back into the ‘real’.


Armed with a solid repertoire of songs and a powerful music video, Barbosa is on a pursuit to crack impermeable markets and reach new listeners. Having already caught the attention of promoters and music-industry leaders with his electrifying live performances, the release of REBORN has already led to Barbosa being booked for major festivals, Park Acoustics and Oppikoppi 24: Nomakanjani.

REBORN is available to purchase on Apple Music HERE.


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