Park Acoustics – 29th September – WIN FREE TICKETS

waspPark Acoustics 29th SeptemberThe end of the month sees our favourite event, Park Acoustics, doing what they do best, throwing an epic party!! This month they move back to the big venue with a massive line-up of the biggest and best local artists and Last Dinosaurs from Australia. Here is all the info, as well as HOW TO WINN FREE TICKETS!!!

Park Acoustics In Association With Jack Daniel’s Presents:
PARK ACOUSTICS Spring Edition – 29 September 2013

Welcome to our Spring Edition, we’re super proud to host Aussie indie sensation Last Dinosaurs! Joining them on stage are literally all of our favorite local acts including P-Town legends, Kidofdoom.

DATE: Sunday, 29 September 2013
TIME: Gates Open at 10AM, Show starts at 11AM
VENUE: Voortrekker Monument, Pretoria
R150.00 Pre-Sold limited to 2700 tickets on, R200.00 at the door – limited to 2000 Gate Sales.
Children under 6 – Free, R10 parking paid at main entrance to nature reserve 

For more info, visit:

Twitter: @parkacoustics

Find all info on the event on Facebook:


Jack Daniel’s Main Stage

11:00 Bateleur
12:00 Nomidic Orchestra
13:00 Jeremy Loops
14:00 Kidofdoom
15:00 Desmond & the Tutus
16:00 Last Dinosaurs

BOS Acoustics Stage

10:30 The George
11:20 Julian Redpath
12:10 Le Voyage
13:00 Gad De Combes
13:50 Some Grow Young

Chill Zone Stage

11:00 Kid Robot
12:00 Hawkword
13:00 Blunt B
14:00 Christian Tiger School
15:00 Candice Heyns

Electronica Stage

17:00 Michael Lesar
18:00 Veranda Panda Live
19:00 PHFat

Sunset Comedy Stage 17:00 – 18:30

Hannes Brummer
Francois van As
Mr Dusty Rich




 To WIN 2 FREE TICKETS, all you need to do is leave us a message below on the comment section…telling us you best park acoustics memory, or lack there of, and WHO you are excited to see this time round!! SIMPLE AS THAT!!!!

PS: We have a few interviews coming up next week, watch out for that!!


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10 Responses

  1. Angelique says:

    We are big fans of park acoustic and it would be extremely difficult to just pick one memory… I would have to say the best memories are made while sitting under the tree listening to awesome music and having a chat with your best friends. And to jam to your favorite band with a glass of wine in your hand. I loved das kapital, Jeremy loops, shadow club, tidal waves and many many more. Cannot wait to make more memories and dancing till you cannot dance no more and fist pumping till it feels like your arms are going to fall off. All of the artists are just awesome cannot wait. I would say I cannot wait to see Jeremy loops, veranda panda and PH fat.

  2. Terri Knight says:

    one of the funniest memories i have happend this year at the big venue. A friend was completely slaughtered passed out in a chair, got up, stumbled backward and rolled down the hill in2 sum1’s gazebo. Paramedics came and wanted 2 take him 2 hospital bcoz he was so plastered and may have injured his neck, after other drunk friends arguing with the paramedics he was then put on a stretcher thing but while they were wheeling him off my friend suddenly got a burst of energy, jumped off and ran away. The paramedics were not pleased in the least! His lift took him home in his brand new car and on the way home he got sick, luckily he stuck his head out of the window 2 throw up. He was sore 4 a few days after that tumble but nothing serious so my laughs as i saw him go down were justifie, the image of him rolling backward down that hill is ingrained in my head as 1 of the many drunken hilarious images i have of parks.

    Can’t wait 2 party it up 2 the sounds of desmond and the tutus!

  3. Tebogo Mafubelu says:

    Unfortunately and fortunately, my best Park Acoustics memory is yet to be made and will be made on the 29th ;). Jeremy Loops is definitely at the top of my ‘to-jam-out-to’ list .

  4. Jeff says:

    My best memory is driving over a hour from Bronkhorspruit , getting to the gate and being told all the tickets have been sold out :”( so yeah that pretty much sums up my amazing park acoustics vibes ! driving back to nothing ….oh wait we have the Buddah temple!
    Hope to win these tickets so I can enjoy my first Park Acoustics in the sun for spring with a beer 😀

  5. Bianca says:

    So I can tell you that I’m a poor student with no money at all… (which is true by the way :P) OR I can just share my insane Parks memory with you!!

    So me and my friend (you’ll see her post with the same link) danced our little asses of at the last Parks of 2012 to our FAVOURITE band AL BAIRRE, boy do we love those guys, AND to top that, it was all caught on video:

    Oh! and I’m super stoked to see DESMOND AND THE TUTUS, because, once again we’ll be dancing our little asses of to them!!

    Okay, that’s all! 🙂

  6. Andrea says:



    I’m so so amped for this Parks!
    Since i’m so dedicated- Bitches must know…

    OKAY so My best memory for PARKS was Last year with the HUGE November Line-up when my friend and I danced our faces off in front of one of our FAVORITE bands EVER- AL BAIIRRREEEE!!! AND we got youtubed , oh yes we did check it out — … Just look for the redhead and brunette jumping up and down like little groupies…

    WE are super stoked for DESMOND and THE Tutu’s cause it requires MUCH MUCH more DANCING for us- The groupieDancers


  7. Shanne Liebenberg says:

    My favourite Park Acoustic moments are standing on the comedy stage looking out over the view of our beautiful city, whilst holding an ice cold beer in the one hand and a luckystrike in the other, and of course being able experience our lovely local acts live, under the sun with friends =P and then I am most excited to see Jeremy Loops, Kidofdoom and Blunt B.

  8. Sharon Lyn says:

    Well the pain of being a student has caused much grief alas as I have yet to attend one Park Acoustics, which blows as I have missed so many of my favorite artists namely Dan Patlansky one of several..and seeing the pictures of all my friends who have attended does in no way soften the blow. I have waited since The Grahamstown festival 2012 to attend a Veranda Panda gig again, but because they are Durban based I knew I probably wouldn’t see them up here anytime soon. I love their genre mixes, incorporation of the violin (my favorite instrument I must say) and the overall vibe they bring to events! So if I had the opportunity to go I would love to see them particularly. I also dearly enjoy Jack Daniel’s and to have ole Jack joining me and a mate for a fantastic line up, great vibes and a chilled sundowner will only be my pleasure. Thanks**

  9. Candace Campbell says:

    I won’t bore you with a sad sob story! Basically I’ve always wanted to go to Parks Acoustics but getting my Johannesburg people to venture out there is near impossible. However with free tickets that may be a different story. Also seeming as though winter has just ended a gal could really use a day in the hawt Pretoria sun sippin’ drinks and enjoying the most rad South African acts! KAN EK ASSEBLIEF DIE KAARTJIES! 😉 Also I am most excited to see Christian Tiger School, I saw them at Oppikoppi and they are the most rad!
    Make a gals day

  10. Kirsten Carabott says:

    Lack there of park acoustics memories. Alas for I have yet to enjoy the basking pta sun with the jolly mates and cold beverages. I have heard the pilgrims tales of granduer times in the fields with sintilating music and positive vibes whilst I have sat in my homestead – alone! Please allow me the park acoustics virgin, to make the great trek from jhb town, and be apart of these festivities. And its a special humans bday, and I’d like to gift him a ticket for a joviant celibration. On 29 september all the people will gather around, to enjoy the best of jhb,pta and an international sounds. On the summer lawns, a sunny sunday dawns. Shorts, shades and bare feet, I want to know what that feels like in the heat. Never have I been and this makes me sad, please give me tickets so I can be glad. K thanks. 🙂

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