Oppikoppi Bewilderbeast – Music from SA’s top festival


19 years down the line and the guys at OppiKoppi have decided to release a 44 track Double CD which includes the best of the acts who will be performing at this year’s installment of OppiKoppi. The album will be available from iTunes on the 22nd of July and will include 4 bonus tracks, The 44 track double CD will be available for purchase the following week 

If you are unable to make it to OppiKoppi this year, maybe getting your hands on this Specially priced album will suffice to cure your need for some of the world’s best music in one place. The Album will feature tracks from the likes of  Robert DeLongYellowcardDie Heuwels FantastiesFokofpolisiekarMatthew MoleJeremy LoopsTailorNakhane ToureGangsofballetShortStraw, ISO , Shadowclub and many more..

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