Oppikoppi always brings a few surprises!!

Balistic Blues by Christelle-Duvenage

photography by Christelle Devenage

Every single time that i have been to Oppikoppi, there has always been that moment when you just taking it easy, minding your own business, OR where you accidentally stumble upon a stage area that you didn’t plan to be at, and you are pleasantly blown away by the band or DJ that you watching. This year it came in the form of an 4-piece blues band called Ballistic Blues! I was just taking it easy under the tree, recovering from the night before, when these 4 young, very energetic kids started playing their set, catching my attention almost immediately. They just looked like they were having so much fun doing what they clearly LOVE doing, jamming their instrument, making some very rad music! That was by far my surprise act of the weekend, here is their bio and a few tracks for you to enjoy: 

Ballistic Blues biography (found on Facebook)

Ballistic Blues is a young, unique and energetic four-piece blues-rock band, consisting of: Tyan Odendal (Lead guitar and backup vocals), Jp le Roux (Bass), Nicholas Forbes (Lead vocals) and Francois Keyser (Drums).

Ballistic Blues started out late 2009, as an old-school rock band, but soon underwent a natural progression into the blues, and now write and cover a mixture of blues, rock and funk that can only be described as music with groove and emotion. With a major difference in influences ranging from The Beatles, Deep Purple, all the way to Foster The People and Blues Legends such as Stevie Ray Vaughan and Jimi Hendrix, a unique and mature sound and style is born.

Although the band is a young outfit, they have feel and sound well ahead of their years. This has been the result of playing numerous live shows at festivals and smaller venues in and around Cape Town, and also the mentorship of well known figures within the blues community. Gig highlights include The Big Blues Summit, Kleinmond Big Blues Festival, Utopia, Up The Creek and Synergy.

After months of playing big festivals and gigs to test the crowd’s reaction to various songs, Ballistic Blues launched their five-track debut EP in April 2013. The EP was recorded by TeeJay Terblanche and Richard Onraet at Coffee Stained Vinyl Studios, as well as by Wouter van de Venter at V & H Music & Publishing. The renowned musician and producer, Wouter was also responsible for the entire EP’s mastering.

Although the musical style on the EP is mainly blues rock, elements of jazz, shuffle blues and strong guitar riffs can also be heard. Every song tells a particular story and is told from a somewhat unexpected angle to make you think differently about various relationship and life situations.

Follow them on:

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/BallisticBlues
Twitter: https://twitter.com/BallisticBlues

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