NAZ chats Oppikoppi, with some amazing images by Brendon Salzer

brendonsalzer_oppikoppi_bewilderbeast-43With Oppikoppi done and dusted, its always great to view different people’s reviews and experiences of the festival, as there is just soooo much that goes on. Here is a small snippet from our rad mates at Not Another Zebra, along with some amazing images captured by their photographer, Brendon Salzer. Take a look at their account of this beautiful festival:

brendonsalzer_oppikoppi_bewilderbeast-40 brendonsalzer_oppikoppi_bewilderbeast-22

Not Another Oppi.

Judging from the way I feel right now, Oppikoppi was a good time. Anything that can completely destroy your body means you’ve done to much. We rarely ever get the chance to do too much. Oppikoppi is one of the few chances you get. The only way to explain it is “lawless”. If you want to drink a case of beer before lunch no problem, No one will be complaining.

 This year Oppikoppi was a complete and utter banger, the line-up was long and there was definitely something for everyone. From Hip Hop to Drum and Bass to Afrikaans Rap to Progressive Rock. The opportunity to have a good time is there 24/7. After all that is why you go to a festival to let loose and have a good time.

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Written by Tyrone Kelly
Photography by Brendon Salzer

brendonsalzer_oppikoppi_bewilderbeast-7 brendonsalzer_oppikoppi_bewilderbeast-31 brendonsalzer_oppikoppi_bewilderbeast-44 brendonsalzer_oppikoppi_bewilderbeast-19 brendonsalzer_oppikoppi_bewilderbeast-97 brendonsalzer_oppikoppi_bewilderbeast-23 brendonsalzer_oppikoppi_bewilderbeast-29 brendonsalzer_oppikoppi_bewilderbeast-14


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