Naming James all tongue and cheek with us

Naming-JamesNaming James is another one of the very talented bands you will find at Rise & Shine Festival this Saturday at Sandton Central Park. Not knowing too much about them, except that they love music and don’t really take themselves, and life, all that seriously. In their biography, they had this to say about themselves:


‘Songs about as sharpened as The Butcher’s Knife.’ Lyric from the title track of the first full length Naming James album, says it all. The singer/songwriter/string breaker offers up a diverse collection of finely crafted songs that are able to stand alone in originality and imagination, as well as having them been tried and tested on stages around South Africa to audiences as varied as the country itself.

Naming James is a regular on the Johannesburg music scene and the debut album was born from numerous gigs at clubs, cafe’s, theatres, bars, festivals, braai’s, laundromats, studios, wendy houses, barbershops and toll gates. Response to seeing Naming James live, is always equally filled with as much joy, vigour and honesty as every show is actually performed with. A consummate performer who can hold his own on any stage and entertain to all audiences, Naming James is a must for any musical line-up…


MA: Tell us a little bit more about your journey to where you are today?

The journey has been amazing, although i do wish i had packed a lunch. 

MA: What are your music influences?

G major, C major, A minor, to name a few…

MA: You will be performing at the Rise & Shine festival this weekend. Are you guys excited to be part of this amazing initiative? 

Most definitely, we are huge fans of both rising and shining…


MA: What can we expect from you on Saturday?

Mostly music but we will also have a collection of rare bees wings on display.

MA: What has been your most memorable moment as a band?

This interview.

MA: What would be the one festival you would love to play at, anywhere in the world?

The La Tomatina Festival in Spain… of course, we would however not be performing, we’d just be throwing tomatoes at each other all day.


MA: Are you working on any projects at the moment that you would like to tell us more about? 

I am currently building a model ship but i fear it won’t get me to Spain in time for La Tomatina.

MA: Where can people follow you? 

At the corner of Fifth and Jester, every Tuesday, at around midnight…


Twitter: @NamingJames

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