Music, Fashion and Art Experience


This is the kind of thing we at Mixed Apples can really relate to, just loving this idea. On 15 December there will be a unique experience going down at the Mandebi Chisa Nyama. The first annual Music, Art and Fashion experience brings you a day of artistic value with focuses on music, art and Fashion.

This is a brand new initiative aimed at giving local talent a public platform on which to showcase the best they have to offer. The Music, Art and Fashion experience will strive to provide a sustainable boost for the local artistic industry in the west of Pretoria. We asked the organizers to give us a break down of what the fundamentals are behind this idea, this is what they had to say:

“This is an exhibition style type event that will start at 12pm sharp and run till 2am on the 16 December 2014. This event will be showcasing the best of what Att/ville has to offer in regards to trendsetters and hustlers in the art and fashion industry. We will be showcasing designers latest design and signature trademarks, local clothing brands that are established, local specialists in regards to accessories,hats and belts. The music catered at this event wil be strictly deep house touching base with all the sub genres in deep house with reference to nujazz, breakbeat, lounge, tech, minimal, soulfull and pure deep styles. We have invited specialist djs in each category to express this type of music in the best possible way. This promises to be an event which has a long lasting effect to all those affected and involved in it and all the supporters.”

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