Mr Price Pro – Day 2 – 1st July 2014

Bigger and more raw conditions greeted competitors at the start of Day 3 in Ballito at the Mr Price Pro. The wind swung in from the North, early blowing into the rights and creating some wedges that created opportunities for some and difficulties for others. The sun shone all day and the beach was full of people taking in the ASP PRIME event action. Europeans Jeremy Florence (France) Marc Lacomare and Frederico Morais (Portugal) all started the day with heat wins in the tricky, powerful conditions. WT surfers Matt Wilkinson (Aus) and Ace Buchan (Aus) were other morning standouts.

“Conditions were tricky and with 5 minutes to go people only needed small scores. I was in second priority and so was trying to make sure I could control the heat a little. I watched Tiago’s (Pires) heat earlier and he spoke to me about positioning and what waves to look for which helped me.” Frederico Morais.

The day’s action was set alight by Yadin Nicols heat win which included a 9.6 for a technical tube ride and was backed up with a 9.5 for a huge frontside air. With a strengthening wind, low tide and a strong swell Filipe Toledo (Brazil) left his mark on the contest with one of the best aerial performances ever in competition. Scoring a 10 and a 9.8 for 2 amazing aerial manoeuvres the beach and competitors area went crazy.

Another main story of the day was top seed and local favourite Jordy Smith going out of the competition despite a last minute 9.2 for another big air reverse. As well as the Brazillians the Europeans have been putting on a strong show here and with the last wave of the day Marlon Lipke (Portugal) needing a 7.2 got a 7.3 to take him into the 3rd round round.

When competition resumes it will be with Jeremey Flores (France), Marc Lacomare (France), Ramzi Boukhaim (Morrocco) and Damien Hobgood (USA) in Round 2 heat 9

Full results and livestream is available at:

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