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MOON by Maxine Tromp We love it when we come across passionate and driven people, especially when they are young and beautiful. We are huge admirers of young, forward thinking people making their mark in the industry they love. This is exactly the case with a young lady by the name of Maxine Tromp, from Johannesburg, who is taking the fashion world by storm with her amazing brand MOON. Coming right out of school and straight into varsity, Maxine was content with her studies but was not satisfied with just that, which is when she came up with the idea of starting her own clothing line. MOON has been growing in a big way this year, with so many known people seen rocking her brand, none bigger than the talented Michael Lowman. We caught up with Maxine recently, have a look at what she had to say…

MOON by Maxine TrompMA: Tell us about your journey to where you are today, a little bit of your background as Moon by Maxine Tromp?

Hey! The name is Maxine Tromp, 23 year old homie from Benoni.

The Beginning of MOON:
After high school I spent 3 years doing a BA Visual Communications at VEGA in Randburg, where I learnt much about graphic design, marketing and advertising. Loved it terribly, although toward the end of my 3rd year I knew I had to incorporate my love for fashion somewhere. After VEGA I worked in the Advertising industry for a while, but not for long, since I had found something in me and decided to go back to the books. I enrolled at Studio 05 School of Fashion and did a Fashion Buying Short Course. About 1 month into the course, April this year, I went home from my Saturday class and presented my Parents with an entire business strategy of how my ‘MOON’ brand concept would take off. They accepted this random (but very thought-out) proposal and I pretty much haven’t looked back since 😀

What is MOON?
A fast-forward clothing brand, sourcing items both locally and abroad. I travel overseas and bring back only the trendiest clothing & accessories for my much loved customers. At the moment I get my mens T-shirts made in CT, and my designs are printed here. MOON is forever evolving due to the ever changing fashion trends and its my utmost duty to introduce your wardrobes to such things.

MA: The brand “MOON” has a very marketable logo and subsequence brand concept, how did the idea for the name come about?

Firstly, thanks so much haha 🙂

Well for starters my Mom actually has called me Moon from a young age, my maid caught on, and then so did my friends and I was known as Max Moon. Since I already related to this nickname, I thought it was very fitting 🙂

MA: What inspires you to do what you are doing and how did you find your niche in the fashion industry?

Street style – What people wear on the daily inspires me, and what goes on in peoples minds in the morning when they get dressed for the day. My own style inspires me too, that’s how this whole thing came to be, it all depends on what I like at the time and manifests in my brand.

MOON by Maxine Tromp MOON by Maxine Tromp MA: What type of person are you targeting with your clothing?

It might sound a bit scattered but its really not, it’s for anyone who has their own thing going on. My stuff is limited, I design/buy minimum quantities to eliminate the factor of everyone wearing the same thing, but still I cater for everyone, and always have my customer in mind.

MA: You showcase your clothing at the Neighborgoods Market, how have the people taken to your brand there?

(Correction: Market on Main in Maboneng) I actually am enjoying this Market at the moment, my branded MOON goods go nicely which is an indication that people want to wear my name.

MOON by Maxine Tromp MOON by Maxine Tromp
MA: What has you most excited about our local fashion industry?

The diversity of what people perceive style & trends to be; is noticeable in their different design tastes. Everyone expresses their different take on fashion and that’s probably the best thing about it in this country.

MA: To date, what has been your best achievement?

When I see people wearing my brand in general; it gives me such a buzz. But probably being friends with Michael Lowman, and him wearing a MOON tee at his interview on the Fresh Drive. As well as him using a photograph of me in MOON on the cover of his latest single Girl Saves Boy, on his new album Crayon Boxes.

MA: I have seen that you are sponsoring quite a few people in the limelight, is this a marketing plan to get your name out there? How is it working for you??

It definitely is, the more people that see MOON out there the better. I’m just lucky to have these guys as my mates, and secondly that they are such great DJs / Musicians, willing to promote MOON as well as themselves.

MOON by Maxine Tromp michael-lowmanMA: Are you working on any other projects that we might be interested in?

Not huge ones at the moment, but I have a few colab shoots coming up this year so we’ll see where that takes me.

MA: Where do you see yourselves in 5 years time career wise?

I see myself as a discerning player in the South African fashion market with a brand name people desire.

MA: Where can people follow you guys?

INSTAGRAM: @Maxx_moon
Hashtag ‘#moonbymaxinetromp’
Twitter: @MOON_Collection
Facebook Search: MOON by Maxine Tromp

MA: Finally, if you could style anyone single person, past or present, who would that be? 

Yes for defs, it would actually be Tamara Dey, only because we have similar taste I feel, and I aspire to that. She dresses too cool for school!

MOON by Maxine Tromp MOON by Maxine Tromp “I sell from my home in Benoni, to make an appointment to come look by inboxing me on Facebook or send an email.
I host a number of Open Days which anyone can come have a look, have a glass of wine and enjoy the afternoon. Social Shopping is a DEFINITE at MOON!!
I have an album on my facebook page called “MOON seen out and about”, people Tag if they spot themselves or their friends, or send me their pics wearing moon for a feature.”

PHOTO Credits: The girl in the pink moon dress, the girl in the grass with the white moon t-shirt, both wearing flower crowns, and the girl in the jack daniels top –  photography by Shellby Verweij. 

The others are instagrams from @Maxx_moon



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