Monster Energy congratulates team rider Dakota ‘Dak’ Roche on his epic second place finish in BMX Street at the X Games in Austin, Texas. Roche’s very first run was amazing, as he powered through every portion of the course as only one of BMX’s best can with his strong, fast and smooth style. The 180 he fired out at the end of his run—from a small wedge down about ten feet to flat— surprised everyone and gave him a score of 89.33 giving him the lead through the contest until Garrett Reynolds stepped in.




The seven-time champion Reynolds would win the gold on the very last run of the contest, and in true good fashion, Roche was cheering Reynolds on the entire time.

Leaving with a silver medal and the biggest trick of the day, Roche couldn’t have been more psyched.

“I’m in awe. I go into these things wanting to get a solid run together and I’m not really too concerned over the outcome; if I make finals I’m so stoked,” said Roche. “The fact that I went past that and got on the podium – especially with those dudes who are some of the best in the world is amazing. To be up there, I can’t believe it.”


As one of the most recognizable street riders in BMX and the personality to back it up, Roche is continues to define the future of street BMX and has what it takes to own BMX stardom.

Look for Roche to head to Germany in July, Dew Tour events later this summer, and to launch his new signature shoe from Vans in between his busy travel schedule.

Visit for more on Roche and the rest of the Monster Energy athletes at X Games Austin 2014. The site is filled with behind-the-scenes photos and updates from Austin as they happen.

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