Monkey Banana – German manufactured studio monitors.


Viva Afrika – sound & light – have just become the South African agents for German based studio monitor manufacturer, Monkey Banana. These studio monitors are made for the music enthusiast, after great quality and stylish design. The monitors come out in the Turbo Series, which comes in a 4-, 5-, 6- and 8-inch woofer (all using the same 1-inch tweeter), and a 10-inch subwoofer, as well as the Gibbon 5 model.

The first thing you’ll notice with these monitors is its shape. The speaker box is in the shape of an elongated or “non-regular” hexagon, which, according to Monkey Banana, is the “most effective in minimizing standing waves inside the enclosure,” thus minimizing distortion. It is definitely unique and immediately identifies the brand.

The woofer and tweeter, on all the speakers in the range, are slightly recessed into the cabinet, creating circular waveguides. All cabinet edges are slightly rounded which gives the speaker a soft appearance. Having it available in Black, Red and Yellow, gives it a funky and modern look. Here is the story of Monkey Banana:


“In 2004 we started designing speakers for our own studios. Our motivation: Affordable speakers failed to meet our requirements in terms of sound quality.

Following years of development, improvement and testing we managed to start our own manufacture.

Finally, with the constant support and encouragement of our friends, we were able to present our first products to the public in 2010. As a result, we have inspired a lot of passion, enthusiasm and good vibrations around the world.

Thanks to everyone who has supported us! Without you none of this would have been possible!”

Monkey_Banana Monkey_Banana_Turbo-5 Monkey_Banana_Gibbon_5 Monkey-Banana-turbo10

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