MICHAEL LOWMAN Releases New Single: FLY

MICHAEL LOWMAN Releases New Single: FLY

MICHAEL LOWMAN releases his brand new single and the title track from his new upcoming EP – FLY.

“I’m gonna fly my own way, gonna take it to the top and bring it back down again…”

FLY was written a few weeks ago, and on the surface it portrays Michael’s brand of wit – it’s clear, bold and deliberate, and beneath – a depth of honesty by a self-proclaimed songwriting-masochist.

“It’s time for me to show this world what I can really do. It’s time to FLY.”

The title also contains a significant reference to Michael’s favourite fable: ‘Jonathan Livingston Seagull’ – a story with incredible meaning that seems a reoccurring theme throughout his life.

MICHAEL LOWMAN Releases New Single: FLY
Michael says FLY was written with a lot more confidence and far greater intended execution than his previous work. At the moment he is experimenting with different sounds in the studio – sounds with more electronic grounding. Now with more experience under his belt, progression is inevitable in life, especially when you’re following your passions and dreams. The result: A sound more mature in it’s nature and nurture.

“I’m finally starting to understand the boy staring back at me in the mirror, and it’s showing in my art. We all grow as the days pass. We learn how to love, how to be comfortable in our own skin.”

Michael describes FLY as the battle between his love for a woman and his love for music. It deals with his ambitious, masochistic tendencies. “I’m still in awe of how I put the lyrics together! There are so many layers to this song, many of which I myself am only just discovering. FLY has a mind free from my manipulations. She truly is a living, breathing artwork. You’ll figure it out.”

Fans can expect a new sound from FLY. A new vibe. A new swagger.

* Buy FLY on iTunes NOW: http://goo.gl/R7TOXW

MICHAEL LOWMAN is currently working on his new EP, set for release later this year. Michael’s vision for this EP is one of transition. It’s going to serve as an introduction to his current state of mind and as a build-up to the release of a full length album next year.


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Twitter: http://twitter.com/michael_lowman

YouTube: http://youtube.com/michaelalowman

Tumblr: http://michaellowman.tumblr.com

*Photo by Joanne Olivier Photography.

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