MATTHEW MOLE Reaching The Main Stage Takes Hard Work

MATTHEW MOLE Reaching The Main Stage Takes Hard Work

Fans of THE VOICE SA may have noticed DIALDIRECT’s brand new campaign featuring singer-songwriter MATTHEW MOLE.

Matthew features in 12 different versions of Dialdirect’s ‘Reaching The Main Stage Takes Hard Work’ campaign which airs during The Voice SA on Sundays at 17h30 on MNET 101. The campaign consists of advertisements showing a timeline capturing all the years of hard work and fun Matthew has put into his love for music – everything from learning to play his first instrument to playing on a massive main stage.

“I’m really excited about the campaign. It’s an honour to be chosen out of so many amazing South African artists. I think it’s also a great way of showing people that there are years of hard work that go into creating music.” – Matthew Mole.

Matthew was recently approached by Dialdirect to feature in its advertising campaign which was created specifically for its sponsorship of The Voice South Africa.  Using Matthew’s personal video footage, Dialdirect created an emotional montage that illustrates all the time, effort and hard work it has taken to get Matthew to where he is today. Like Matthew, the talent on The Voice South Africa have also worked tirelessly on their singing careers.  The advert demonstrates how there are things in life that take hard work, with the take home message that Dialdirect has therefore made insurance easy. Matthew was chosen for this specific piece as his story depicts what it truly takes to follow your dream, and he remains humble even following international success.” – Bianca de Beer, Marketing Manager, Dialdirect.

MATTHEW MOLE Reaching The Main Stage Takes Hard Work

Matthew’s unique, eclectic blend of folk with electronica undertones made his debut album, ‘The Home We Built’ which was released in 2013, a resounding success having topped the South African iTunes Chart on its release, a phenomenal first for South African artists. Every instrument on the album, with the exception of strings, is played by Matthew himself. This honest and charming album reflects a level of realness that has been readily accepted by fans worldwide and made Matthew a household name in South Africa.

With 3 SAMA nominations to his name, Matthew has played at most of SA’s major festivals, supported international bands such as The Fray and Bastille in SA, as well as have performed on international stages in London, Seattle, Los Angels, Thailand and Russia.

Matthew Mole will be performing live at Sowing The Seeds Johannesburg on the 2nd of April 2016.

MATTHEW MOLE Reaching The Main Stage Takes Hard Work

Watch the advert featuring Matthew Mole here:




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