King Of The Fort 2013_ 15th-17th JUNE


King of the Fort is a downhill skateboard and luge race hosted by First Nature at the Voortrekker Monument in Pretoria, the capital city of South Africa. The event is sanctioned by SAGRA (South African Gravity Racing Association) and is one of the most popular gravity racing events on the South African calendar.

In the 4 year history of the event we have witnessed how the popularity of downhill skateboarding has grown tremendously. In 2010 we had less than 30 entrants. In 2011 the field nearly doubled to exactly 50 entrants and in 2012 we nearly doubled the number of entries again with a total of 97 entrants making King of the Fort the second largest gravity race in South Africa in 2012, second only to Hot Heels Africa World Cup. In 2013 we are expecting 150 entrants in total.

The race track is 1.7km long from start to finish and the maximum speed is about 70 km/h on the fastest section. 130km/h is the world record for the fastest speed on a skateboard so 70km/h is easily achieved by the experienced guys but what the hill lacks in speed it makes up for in technicality. The hill is at its steepest at the start line and shortly after the push-off riders are met with the fastest corner of the track. Riders need to maintain as much speed as possible through this left hand corner if they want to keep up with the competition through the long ‘Pearly Gates Straight’. After the Pearly Gates the riders enter a set of long S-bends which leads to the decider on the course, the Chicane. The Chicane is two 90 degree corners directly one after the other, hard right into a harder left. The S-bends allow the riders to bunch up leading into the chicane adding to the technicality of this section of the hill. A good line through the chicane usually determines the winner as the finish line is 50m after the chicane. A poor line will send you into the haybales and you’ll likely take a few of the riders behind you along for the crash. The chicane and finish line area is where most of the spectators and off track entertainment are situated making for an exciting racing experience.

King-of-the-fortCheck out their website for all the details:

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