Kidofdoom – National tour [WIN TICKETS]


The unique South African act which is Kidofdoom are getting ready to start the second half of their national reunion tour. They have three shows remaining on their tour and we have the pleasure of giving 1 person from Pretoria and 1 person from Durban each a double ticket to the respective gigs. Winning is really easy 

If you are in Pretoria or Durban and would like to go party at the Kidofdoom gig in your town, All you have to do is tell us the following (In a comment below) :

  • Which gig you would like to attend (Arcade Empire -PTA or Live – DBN).
  • Tell us which Kidofdoom song you are most excited to experience live.
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2 Responses

  1. Simone says:

    Arcade Empire – PTA: My favourite kidofdoom song is Forest Fire – which is also the song I most want to experience live. The reason for this being that it has an easy start but it progresses into a rhythmic trance that just loops for a bit, almost building up urgency in repition until it is broken with a staccato bit which breaks down to an almost emotional core with the guitar just softly stroking the edges.

    • Nelson Mendes says:

      Hi Simone, how are you doing???
      You have won yourself 2x FREE tickets to watch Kidofdoom at Arcade Empire tonight!!!! I NEED the 2 full names so i can put them on the list for tonight!! PLEASE ASAP!!

      Thank you and enjoy 🙂

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