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Kid Fonque is undoubtedly one of South Africa’s biggest DJ’s and has been around since the birth of the local music industry as we know it today. Besides being a DJ/Producer Kid Fonque also has his hands full with other awesome projects, one of which is of course being the label manager for Soul Candi records. He has recently released a 12 track compilation titled “Kid Fonque and Friends” which is available at all good music stores right now. He took some time out of his busy schedule to chat to us about this album and also what makes him the legend he is. 

Kid Fonque and Friends – the 12 track compilation recently released under the Soul Candi records label features remixes and collaborations of only the best soulful, jazzy and deep house tracks from SA and abroad. Having worked alongside the likes of Julian Gomes, Atjazz, Zaki Ibrahim, Charles Webster and many more, he presents you with a musical journey that spans 71 minutes and will keep you going right until the end, and probably many more times after that.


The album is a true representation of what South African house music is all about and since we are the biggest consumer of house music in the world, you can expect to be pleasantly blown away by the compilation. Christmas is just around the corner – Treat yourself to this!

We had a chat with Kid Fonque to find out a little bit more, this is how it went down..

MA: Kid Fonque is definitely what one can refer to as a household name in the local house music scene, Please tell us a little bit more about your journey to where you are today?

“Been a very long one, started at collage radio when i was 15 then built up from there, just stuck to what i was into which led me to DJ’ing all over the place and recently in Europe and to label Manager at Soul Candi Records. ”

” I play house but am not strictly a house DJ, I like to think of myself as someone who represents all good soul music, house, soul, hip hop, bossa etc.”

MA: You have just released a 12 track album titled ” Kid Fonque and Friends” which in its own rite is a masterpiece of Exclusive collaborations and hits from SA and abroad, what was the thought process behind this concept?

“It all started with the collaboration between me, DJ Whisky & Zaki Ibrahim on the song ‘BE’, once that was complete I thought it would be a good idea to just  keep collabing with all my friends and 1 year later we had an album.  I have such a wide taste in music it was fun setting up my deep house friends with hip hop guys and getting tribal house guys to collab on bossa grooves, just mix it up and the outcome was more than i could have hoped for. ”


MA: It must have been quite a lengthy process putting together this compilation, tell us about some of the highlights that really made the process memorable, whether the memories be good ones or bad.

“Every track has a story, all good, some took a day some took 6 months, I have 2 videos from 2 of the singles and hopefully a 3rd for Usangikhumbula as the support for it has been amazing! ”

MA: You have worked alongside some of the biggest names in the industry while compiling this album, namely Atjazz, Julian Gomes, Charles Webster and Zaki Ibrahim. What was it like sharing ideas and concepts with these people and would you say it has influenced your style moving forward?

“Atjazz & Jullian remixed ‘BE’ so we didn’t actually collaborate, but Atjazz did license 2 of the first singles for vinyl and digital release for the world outside Africa on ARCO records which was his contribution:)  Other people like Charles Webster was all done online and was super easy as he is just a master at his craft, every song I hear that I like or have worked on with different people that influence me always impacts me and my style but thats what its all about.”

MA: Quite some time has passed since your days of residency at 206, what would you say has been your single greatest career achievement to date?  

“Shew, i would have to say when Gilles Peterson played my song 2sides on his show and then sent me a msg on twitter saying ‘Killer Track’.  That was a big highlight for me as I listen to his show every week and have for many years, it was big that he heard and liked what i do, very big! ”

MA: If you could play a back-to-back with any DJ in the world dead or alive, who would that be?

“Hmmmm, maybe Gaslamp Killer or Lefto, the guys who play what they want and mix it up, think it would be surprising and educational. ”


MA: As label manager of Soul Candi Records and also one of the most influential DJs in the country, are you working on any projects at the moment that we might be interested in?

“Always working on something, Im not the type of guy who just sits back, always have to have something cooking.  I have ‘Kid Fonque & Friends remixed by Friends’ coming out early next year which has been loads of fun to co ordinate then a couple of other singles coming out during 2014. ”

MA: Can you share any advice for those who might be interested in following in your footsteps?

“Just stay true to what you love, keep at it, don’t give up, it all comes together if you give it the time it deserves. ”

MA: Where can people follow you?

Twitter – Kidfonque
Facebook – Kidfonque
Instagram – Kidfonque
Soundcloud – Kidfonque
mixcloud – kidfonque
Website –
Brand –

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